Monday, July 02, 2012

School Board District 2

The only race left that I'm undecided on is School Board District 2.  If anybody out there has any information about this race, I'd love to hear it.  As important as they are, these school board races are flying under the radar for most people. My district is between Tyree Daniels and Teresa Jones.  I'm reading their Coalition for a Better Memphis paperwork out of a lack of any other information.  My favorite part was where it asks the candidates to list 5 organizations that are working to support them.  Teresa Jones listed a tennis club and a Memphis in May BBQ team.  That amused me.  If I can find a school board forum, I'll go and give a report about what all the candidates said.  Anybody know of one?

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unknown said...

only thing i can find is from Stand for Children, endorsing

Tyree Daniels - District 2

"Tyree Daniels, a Stand member, is an exciting and ambitious leader in the education community. He has helped lead Memphis College Prep from the ground up and has personal experience leading successful schools. Tyree wants the Shelby County School System to become a world class system with effective teachers in every classroom by continuing and expanding the Teacher Effectiveness Initiative and supporting the Transition Planning Commission’s recommendations. He is a strong supporter the Multiple Achievement Paths model because he believes it will allow schools to be held accountable to high academic standards and provide rewards to schools that succeed academically with flexibility and innovation.

Tyree will be a dynamic addition to the board, with a strong commitment to data driven success, innovation and financial responsibility. During this time of uncertainty and dynamic change, our community needs an active champion who will ensure the board implements effectively strategies that get results for children. This will be Tyree."

keep us posted what you find out about any of the districts. i am in district 1