Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Local Legislators’ Environmental Records Compared

Humphrey on the Hill has a post up with the Tennessee Conservation Voters Scorecard for the 2011-2012 sessions. I'm a proud tree-hugger, so I thought a few of our local legislators deserved some kudos. Mike Kernell, Jeannie Richardson, and Beverly Marrero were all at the top of the list for best environmental records during the last two years. Due to redistricting, all three are facing competition from other incumbent Democrats in August. Having to choose between them isn't fun. I thought I'd post a comparison for each of those races. The higher the score, the more positive environmental legislation they supported and the fewer environmentally damaging bills they supported.

Senate District 30
Marrero: 13
Kyle: 4

House District 90
Richardson: 6
J. Deberry: 4

House District 93
Kernell: 6
Hardaway: 3

I'm particularly annoyed that my fellow Holt scored a -3. Hopefully, Maddox can beat him and get his seat back next year.


sbanbury said...

As a certified tree-humper (next step up from tree-hugging), I can attest that Beverly Marrero and Jeanne Richardson are true champions of all that's good and green.Beverly has maintained the highest TCV rating in the Senate for two years and Jeanne is to be thanked for having the foresight to introduce regulation of the fracking industry still in its infancy in TN. Mike Kernell has long served as a protector of citizen participation in various State boards related to the environment. Go, go, team green!

sbanbury said...

Cookies never hurt anybody.