Thursday, August 04, 2011

MSPJC launches new initiative for Community-Youth Engagement

The MSPJC Neighborhood Alliance is now proud to be working with Shelby County Juvenile Court in finding meaningful service opportunities for young men and women with court-ordered community service.

Contact us with any neighborhood clean-up, community garden or other neighborhood activities that your association or congregation is working on. Please list the dates and times and how many volunteers are needed and a contact person's info. Juvenile Court will then work with our staff to assign young people with court-ordered community service to opportunities that are close to their homes. The Neighborhood Alliance sees this as an opportunity for mentoring and reaching out to young people within our neighborhoods and more than a simple community service opportunity.

We are proud to report that we have already secured commitments from the SOUTH MEMPHIS FARMERS MARKET as well as the Binghampton-based URBAN FARM and URBAN MARKET. We want to extend our thanks to these wonderful new partners, and we hope they are but the first of many more.

If you have any upcoming events that would be a good opportunity for youth community service, please contact our Organizing Director at or 901.725.4990.

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