Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Person or Persons Unknown"

"Cameo of a man who has just lost his most valuable possession. He doesn't know about the loss yet. In fact, he doesn't even know about the possession because like most people, David Gurney has never really thought about the matter of his identity. But he's going to be thinking a great deal about it from now on because that is what he's lost. And his search for it is going to take him into the darkest corners of the Twilight Zone."

This was the opening narration of a great episode of the classic Twilight Zone series. In this episode David Gurney wakes up in a world that does not recall him at all. In fact there is no trace of his existence ay all. Friends, family no one recognizes him. At the end of the episode the inevitable twist involves him waking up in his bed next to his wife who now is unrecognizable to him.

Submitted for your approval, I contend that I have reason to believe that City Councilman Bill Morrison has suffered the same fate, a loss of identity. I like Bill Morrison, and even donated money to his 2006 congressional campaign. I thought this school teacher turned politico-identity would have a great future in local politics. In time Morrison's public identity gained notoriety as a "leader" in the genesis of the current School Funding crisis. Now I do not disagree with the motivation and the thought processes behind the cuts. I won't bore you by rehashing old arguments, but I and many other people were disturbed by the rashness and "to some" meanspiritedness of HOW these cuts were made and their timing. Now, I do not live in district ONE, but let me tell you, it's a pretty diverse area, perhaps the most diverse in Memphis. From Frayser thru Ral-Bartlett to the Wolf Chase area, in District one Identity matters. White-Black-Latino, Bill's votes should represent them all in his district. Bill's actions in this debate may have cost him his political identity and given him a new on that may cost him his seat.
I think that Bill Morrison is a good and sincere man who simply engaged in bad politics. I think that Bill made the mistake of listening to those around him who were of a certain line of thought, from a certain class, and who lived in a certain part of the district. In other words, in a district as varied as Morrison's, it would be quite easy to imagine consensus, in parts of the district, all the while you would be unaware of how much trouble you were in with your larger constituency.

I think that a Person or Persons Unknown has made at least cursory plans to try and recall Bill Morrison from office early next year. This plan hinges on the passage of ORDINANCE NO. 5232. The ballot initiative that would provide a Recall provision for removing City Councilmen from office.
You see I was just thinking, about how odd it is that these two "new" ballot referendums had not been mentioned before. It seems to me that after the dozens and dozens of meetings I have had with various people about this issue that yesterday was the first time I had been made aware that these were on this year's ballot.
But then...I remembered something...I remembered the day after the School Funding story broke. The office got a few calls that day from Frayser residents asking IF you could recall a City Councilman. We said no, and that was more or less the end of it. At the time I did not think much of it, people were mad, and asked a question about something impossible...big deal. Well now that I know that the Recall Referendum exists, I am forced to wonder, were those calls made by people simply wanting information...or were they just wanting to find out who else knew about this ballot item?
If said ballot item passes, then a Morrison recall effort could begin in one year, with the school funding issue as it's rallying cry. You'll hear Morrison called a "racist", "a outsider from the county", by Teacher's he'll be called a "traitor".
and of worst of all, "The white man who cut funding to majority black and Latino schools."
They will say that he is not representing the will of the majority in his district...and that one might be true.

Morrison came into his Council seat after winning a tight race...in the RUNOFF. After finishing in second place on election day. This leaves him in a vulnerable spot, as forces were watching him very closely seating weakness to exploit.There also seems to be a new crop of community leaders in several parts of Dist one,each of them looking to make a move.
This School board issue is also dangerous because it's all some people in the district know about him, remember, most people do not know a great deal about local government, this crisis is Morrison's most high profile act to date, which has made him more popular outside of his district that inside parts of it.

I say this because I want to warn Morrison and hope that he understands that in order to survive, he has to reach out to his opposition in some major way. He also has to understand that he has an identity problem in key areas.

"A case of mistaken identity or a nightmare turned inside out? A simple loss of memory or the end of the world? Bill Morrison may never find the answer but you can be sure he's looking for it in the Twilight Zone."

Monday, September 22, 2008

Shameless Plug

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Agents of Change

Last weekend Change Memphis registered well over FOUR HUNDRED NEW VOTERS at the COOPER YOUNG FESTIVAL and AT THE SOUTHERN HERITAGE CLASSIC. This campaign from a quiet start has worked hard over the past few months working to inform the public about the potentially serious changes to the Memphis City Charter. We have phonebanked and canvassed, we have attended Charter Commission meetings and researched the issues. We have planned Community Forums and passed out information about voters rights. But we did not do it alone. We did it with the help of alot of wonderful volunteers. So I wanted to take this time as we get ready for the final weeks of voter registration to thank everyone who has volunteered with us. Our Campaign is nothing without your hard work.

Thank you all...

Lanette Watts
Matt Kernodle
Whitney Fleshman
Kavita Pilliai
Frank Burhart
Julia Shaffer
Rebecca Chappel
Emily Bishop
Anne Whirley
Barbara Andrews
Anne Thompson
Regina Grehan
Khadija Hassan
Beverly Gene
Brandi Truddle
Jose Rodring
Latoya Elder
John Gilmore
Aurora Magallon
Nancy Ford
Tecia Marshall
Audrey Chatman
Liz Conway
Heinda Borowski
Allan Lummus
Jane Antrobus
Adam Adkins
Julia Allen
Chris Wetzel
Jane Rousseau
Harriet Schnieder
Daisy Jefferson
Altonette Stone
Alex Richards
Ruby Boatley
Sonya Mull
Caron Byrd
Nancy Greenwalt-
Jose B. Davila
Sally Joyner
Chris Matz
Joan Vitale
Elena Stoeva
Terri Rice
Amy Silberberg
Kristi Duckworth
Suzanne McDearman
Davida M.Cruthird
Mytina Singleton
Jordan Owens
Lynn Nelson
Jennifer Allen
Kevin Lobb
Mary Wilder

Rick Maynard, "Jay bird' and all the guys at the Cohen camp.

and If I forgot anyone..please forgive m

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bob Tuke...No Limit Soldier

Last Night I was having a beer with the Master of Maps,Polar Donkey and in the course of that conversation we talked about the slim possibility of an Obama visit to Mempho...check it out

Now I agree with PD, The prospect of an Obama event on this level would be the event of the decade. I would take it a step further. I would say that Obama should raise the ticket price up to about say...15 bucks, and SPLIT the proceeds between the local Obama efforts here in Shelby and.....and the Campaign of...BOB TUKE. Yes...Bob Tuke...and here is why.

Imagine the same event starting off with CHANGE MEMPHIS registering voters outside the gates. "Shameless PLUG" The Mayors, come out and express how much harder life has become for working families here under regressive and..stupid policies of GWB. Then Cohen comes out makes the case against the War in Iraq warming up the crowd making the case for change.
Then...then Bob Tuke comes out guns a blazing, saying all the things that Obama wants to say but "can't".Let Tuke play the Biden role of hitman, and let him cut a promo that would make Austin Idol green with envy. This would be great for Tuke, and would frankly make voters in this area aware that his campaign exists. Obama comes out makes a forty five minute speech and then heads off to the next event. He'd only need to be in town for about an hour fifteen tops.

Tuke could and needs to make the case to Black voters in Shelby County linking Lamar to Bush and himself to Obama. Afterall Bush did not wreck this country alone...sadly no. Bush had lots of little foot soldiers aiding him. So if Bush did not make this mess alone, why does anyone think Obama can fix this mess alone...he can't. Obama will need soldiers too, and say whatever you want, Bob Tuke is a soldier...Hell...Bob Tuke is muthafuckin Sgt. Rock!
This event would energize Tuke's campaign, and force the Republicans to work harder than they planned to in a race where they felt safe.I agree with the philosophy of never attack someone where they feel weak, people spend their whole lives building defenses around their weaknesses...no always attack someone where they feel safe..where they feel at home...where they feel secure. Once you do that you rattle them, and force them to make mistakes.

Anyway , none of this is likely to happen, but I DO think that every Obama supporter, event or drive in Shelby County needs to do what they can to GOTV for Bob Tuke. Everyone complains about Sissy Democrats....well here's your chance to vote for a pit fighter. If we cannot take the State for Obama...why not make a real stab at taking it for Tuke?

I'm just saying...