Thursday, August 28, 2008

FGF-Perfect memes

Well here we are, all a glow like children on christmas day....something in the air...Can you feel it? Watching Obama's incredible speech for a moment...just a moment made me forget just what a cynical bastard I in that spirit...something all in good fun.

Damn....Micheal never really had a chance did he?

Oh and for a proper Wrestling analog, there could be no other choice.

Night all

Change Memphis-Volunteer Activities

Hello all

Thank you for taking an interest in the Change Memphis campaign, We have had an exciting month,registering voters, phone banking and getting everything in order after our campaign launch last week.We are also preparing Three major neighborhood canvass shifts this Saturday morning.
Change Memphis seeks to alter the traditional power structure of the city be informing, registering and empowering voters in low turn out, low income districts. We also want to ensure that the Charter Amendments are fully and clearly explained, but to do that, we need your help. This weekend we have two fun upcoming events that will give this campaign, our campaign the chance to register new voters and spread Charter information to the public. Change Memphis is currently seeking more volunteers to work the Voter registration/Voter education Booth at the Memphis Music and Heritage Festival, located at the Center For Southern Folklore. We will also are seeking volunteers to work the Voter registration/Education table at the WLOK Stone SOUL Picnic located at Tom Lee Park. Both events will take place from 11am until 11pm Saturday August 30th and Sunday, Aug 31st.

We are seeking volunteers who would be willing to work at least one three hour shift at this time , but all volunteers are welcome and any time that you could donate would be greatly appreciated. Any one interested should contact Brad Watkins at, or by phone at 901-725-4990

Demand Change.

Brad Watkins
Change Memphis

Good Job Democrats!!!!!

Only Paul, Kemp, and Willingham are left in the council race. Let's come together and elect a great labor leader to the City Council! See ya'll at the Faith and Labor picnic.

City Council

UPDATE: Wilder withdraws.

I was on board with Regina in the city council race, but she withdrew. Now Brian Stephens has withdrawn as well. If you don't think there was a deal cut between Brian and Kemp then I've got some oceanfront property in Arizona for you. No really, I do. Come check it out, I could use the money.

That leaves Lit, Wilder, Parkinson, and Shaffer to fight Conrad. Willingham will help pull some votes from Kemp but with the vote split and not one of the Democrats (I'm not counting Lit as a Democrat though I'd love to stand corrected) being much of a fundraiser, the odds are against us. This is a winnable election. Democratic turnout will be through the roof and pure partisanship can win if people know who the Democratic candidate is. It's time for the local party to show some leadership and jump into the race. They need to deal with the yelling and fighting that comes from an endorsement and do it. With an endorsement and Democratic ballot we might have a chance here.

I'm Proud to Be a Democrat

I'm more than a bit fired up after last night's speechifying. We have a chance to give our country a progressive government with strong majorities in both houses. Look at what Bush did with strong party control and flip it to see what we can do over the next few years. Although this campaign won't be easy, we could well be on the verge of a political realignment that could last for years. I'm feeling optimistic, but that could just be because I don't want my child to be born with another Republican in office.

How about that Joe Biden? I love that quote from him that the next Republican who tells him he isn't religious will get his rosary beads shoved down his throat. I think Obama will be a great President, but I always have a weak spot for the feisty blue-collar fighter. He will tear Mitt Romney's smarmy country-club self a new one in the debate. The only thing that would approach that in satisfaction is if McSame picks Lieberman.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Change Memphis-Press Conference, CITY HALL, THURSDAY @ 2:30pm


DATE: August 19, 2008
CONTACT: Tarrin McGhee, Community Voting Project, Manager
PHONE: (901) 517-2870

Change Memphis to host Campaign Launch
Community Voting Project Will Educate Voters on Proposed Charter Amendments

MEMPHIS, TN-- On Thursday, August 21, 2008, Change Memphis, a coalition of organizations formed to promote voter education and advocacy will hold a press conference to launch its Community Voting Project (CVP) campaign. The purpose of the CVP is to educate and inform voters about the proposed amendments to the Memphis City Charter and increase voter participation and turnout in target communities.

The press conference will be held at City Hall located at 125 N. Main, and will begin at 2:30 p.m., prior to the Charter Commission meeting scheduled for 3:00pm. Representatives from Mid-South Peace and Justice Center, New Path, and Concerned Memphians United will address the media and the public on their objectives for the Community Voting Project, and encourage campaign participation and support.

New Path co-founder, Cardell Orrin said, “We expect several very important measures to be included in the recommendations from the Charter Commission. The decisions we make in these areas will impact our city for years to come.”

The proposed amendments to the Memphis city charter will appear on the ballot for the upcoming November 4th election. Change Memphis has developed an extensive campaign to ensure voters are educated on the potential changes, which includes phone-banking, canvassing, direct mail, and a series of community forums surrounding each issue.

“We want to make sure that our coalition works to avoid what recently took place with the Shelby County referendum that appeared on the August 7 ballot.,” said Brad Watkins, representative of the Mid-South Peace & Justice Center. “Because there wasn’t an education campaign associated with those amendments, and there were several issues grouped together, we believe voters weren’t given an opportunity to cast an educated vote.”

Members of the Memphis City Charter Commission will meet August 21 at 3:00pm to finalize the language for the proposed amendments that will appear before voters this November. With 6 other races set to appear on the ballot, including the presidential election, Change Memphis wants to ensure that voters make well informed decisions on each item, and that they are just as eager to do so.

“This is a very exciting election year throughout the country, and while national politics are tied up in the race to see who is going to 'change' this country, we cannot forget that change is also needed on the local level here in Memphis,” said Jacob Flowers, Director, Mid-south Peace and Justice Center.

For more information on this event, please contact Change Memphis Project Manager, Tarrin McGhee at (901) 517-2870 or email To find out more about Change Memphis visit

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Feeling Smug (or maybe just lighter in the bank account)

The plus side of being in a wreck? Now I have a hybrid, thus confirming my long-cherished belief that I am better than you. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go drink a latte and act pretentiously.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Change Memphis-Inform,Involve,Improve

Greetings Friends and Supporters

New Path has partnered with the Mid-South Peace & Justice Center and Concerned Memphians United to form a coalition in an effort called Change Memphis. Change Memphis is committed to addressing and improving issues that affect the quality of life of Memphis & Shelby County residents by providing services in voter education and citizen advocacy. The coalition is currently conducting a Community Voting Project (CVP) that will seek to increase voter participation and turn-out, and educate residents on the proposed amendments to the city Charter put forth by the Me mphis Charter Commission. A full issue campaign has been developed to ensure success of the CVP, and will kick-off officially later this week.

We are currently recruiting volunteers to assist us with campaign activities, and community relations. If you're interested in participating, please email for more details. Take advantage of this new opportunity to get involved in the community, and do your part to Change Memphis, by signing up today! Volunteers are needed in the following areas:

School Visits- Talk with waiting parents about the impact the proposed changes will have on their life in Memphis.

Phone-bank- Connect with voters on the issues they care about and find out what interests them.

Canvassing- Visit target communities to educate residents about Charter changes, inform of upcoming activities within their neighborhood, and encourage support of the CVP campaign.

Please visit our we bsite: for additional information on the Community Voting Project, and how you can help Change Memphis.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I've always been against the death penalty but now I'm changing my mind. Assholes who total my car and then drive off deserve it... Grrr... I'm grumpy and sore and more poor today.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Instant Run-off Voting

Anybody know if someone is organizing a campaign to pass IRV when it comes up for a vote in November?

Thursday, August 14, 2008


It looks like Hillary will be up for nomination at the Democratic Convention. It will be interesting to see if she loses any of her delegates in the vote or not. I was an Edwards guy during the primary (thank God I didn't get what I wanted or we'd be losing now) and I was never decided between Obama and Hillary until Hillary's campaign became little more than a vanity excercise that couldn't win. I really don't understand this "catharsis" idea. How does losing again and showing disunity in the party during the time where we are supposed to be the most united help? Love or hate him the convention should be Obama's party. We all know Hillary wants to run again, but if her and her husband insist on messing things up for Obama this time she doesn't deserve it. Can a Hillary supporter please explain to me this idea that Obama is "disrespecting" her because I ain't seeing it. What I am seeing is her disrespecting both Obama and the party.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On Brian Stephens From Kerry Hayes

I asked. Kerry answered, and I think his response deserves published.

This is clearly in response to your post about Brian and his possible candidacy to fill Scott McCormick's soon-to-be vacant City Council seat. I appreciate you identifying yourself as "a Stephens agnostic," and am quite frankly puzzled at the vitriol that the prior post's commenter seemed to have for him.

It would be easy for me to recite a laundry list of Brian's personal and professional interest in a variety of green causes and the extensive volunteer work that he has done in hardline neo-con enclaves like Cooper-Young. But if he were running on only a well-polished resume, I would not have supported him. His ambition for elected office is driven by a vision for what he feels Memphis can and should become, and is a vision that I feel resonates with people at all ends of the political spectrum.

I can only speak from my personal experience with Brian. I have known him and his family for three years; they were among the very first people my wife and I met upon moving to Memphis in August 2005. Like me, he is not a native Memphian. I believe that although we frequently occupy diametrically opposite political positions, we are kindred souls of a sort--outsiders, "carpetbaggers," who have found ourselves making a life here, and who are awed and exhilarated by this community's potential. Historically, culturally, and economically, Memphis is one of the most important cities in the nation. Clearly, our community is faced--at times, even overwhelmed--by the challenges that we must address. Where Brian and I have always connected is in the belief that Memphis is truly poised to be one of the great success stories of the 21st century, and that all us--young, old, urban, suburban, liberal, conservative, black, white--must put our shoulders to the wheel of making that a reality.

Brian's personal and political views are rooted in self-reliance, self-determination, and an efficient, transparent, and responsive government. His is a platform of reform, prosperity, and above all, greater civic engagment. Does he stand to the right of me on the particulars of his plans? Absolutely! But my point is that we are both moving steadily in the same direction.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't know everything there is to know about Memphis politics or the nuances of holding elected office here. (On a personal note, I'll likewise admit that poll-working and canvassing for a moderate Republican was probably not the best entree to the local Democratic party that I could made for myself.) But I digress. Brian got my support because he is passionate to the point of obsession about making his city a safer, more prosperous, and more beautiful place to live, and he is relentless in his drive to see it happen--regardless of how his bids for elected office turn out. His ongoing David-vs.-Goliath battles with Steve Cooper and Wal-Mart in Cordova should be proof positive of that, as should his commitment to organizations like Shelby Farms. (The 18-hour days, 5am phone calls, months spent away from his family and business, and resources that he devoted to his last campaign are proof of that to me as well. I've said it before and I'll say it again: nobody, and I mean NOBODY, campaigned harder in the 2007 City Council elections.)

These are not Republican issues. These are not Democrat issues. I would humbly offer that these are issues that transcend the stickiness of partisan purview, and belong in the realm of MEMPHIS ISSUES--problems, situations, and solutions that impact all of us who have families, jobs, homes, and futures in this community. A leader, in my opinion, is somebody who cannot sleep because the weight of responsibility weighs heavy on their heart. This is how I would describe people like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, AC Wharton, Steve Cohen, Bill Morrison, and Jim Strickland; it's how I would have once described John McCain. It's how I describe Brian Stephens.

On an utterly pragmatic note, I'll likewise say that some of the "bi-partisan curious" Democrats you mention include folks like Jim, Bill, Shea Flinn, and Desi Franklin. I DO NOT offer these names as endorsers, formal supporters, or past voters for Brian; I don't need to. I know that these people are his friends. They want to see Memphis fulfill its true potential, for the benefit of all who are tied to its fortunes. We may not all agree on how to get there (and believe me, Brian and I have gotten into PLENTY of heated arguments about everything from the living wage to veterans' issues to gun control to taxation.) But we do agree that we have no choice but to get there, somehow, together. The alternative is simply unacceptable.

Sorry to get off on a tangent. Again, stuff like this isn't really about Brian. It's about wanting to see our community reach beyond the partisan hang-ups and distractions that too often keep us from the progress we deserve and need.

Way to Get Organized Folks

Jackson Baker talks about the County Commission failing to come to an agreement on the vote to establish the county offices. I'm actually not a big fan of term limits. If we are dumb enough to reelect people who don't deserve it then we deserve what we get. On the other hand, I am not happy with the disrespect shown to the voters by trying to ram through term limit changes in an amendment that we "have to pass or the sky will fall."

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Question about Brian Stephens

CandiceS comments in the last post that Stephens is an awful and very Republican choice despite having some progressive friends. I'm Stephens-agnostic myself, but I am curious as to why so many progressives fell for him in his race last time? Is he that great or is it just a case of progressives being bi(partisan)-curious?

The Only Race That Matters

The city council race in November will probably be the only one worth working in as the rest are settled. Check out Jackson's article about who the chatter in the race is about. Ed Stanton, Mary Wilder, and Carol Chumney all come up and are people I'd be happy with. Brian Stephens could work. We'll see if Kemp Conrad can keep up the recent streak of Republican party chairs losing. I hear this guy might be running too. I want to see if I can dig up "Cecil Hale US Army Retired"'s email address as the race won't be complete without him returning. Your thoughts?

Monday, August 11, 2008

McCain Uses the Google

The reason McCain is the better choice on foreign policy? He can use Wikipedia.

Also, I fully expect to read in 2048 that Sam Nunn's disembodied head is still being talked up by the pundits as on the VP short list.

Friday, August 08, 2008

I'm Proud of Memphis

It's great to see that Memphians are willing to look past race-baiting and negative campaigning to focus on what's actually good for the city. We all owe each other an apology for doubting that we'd actually look at who's ready for the job.

I'm almost sorry for the local GOP. Every cycle we talk about whether this is the year the Democrats sweep the county. We swept last night, and we got the county commission last time. I'd hate to be an incumbent Republican in two years. It's going to be a bloodbath.

On John Edwards

I'm ticked off at John Edwards right now but not for the reason you'd expect. I think most of us are being rather self-righteous concerning the situation though.

As far as the affair goes, there are two possibilities. Neither really merits all this obsession. There's a possibility that John and Elizabeth have some sort of arrangement as a couple. This may be unlikely but not beyond the realm of possibility. If this is the case, then we're up in arms over a situation that only affects those involved and is none of our business.

The more likely case is that John is an asshole who cheated on his cancer-stricken wife and she knew nothing about it until afterwards. This makes him a bad husband, a weak man, and a pretty sad person. However, Elizabeth seemed to have known this happened two years ago and the couple stayed together. How is it helpful to anyone for a media-circus to be created and cause more pain and heartache to a woman suffering both from her partner's unfaithfulness and incurable cancer. This is another example of the media and public focusing on a soap-opera level story that really means nothing. Let's let this one die, and focus on stories that actually matter. She's suffered enough, and he hasn't hurt anyone but her.

What I am ticked about is that Edwards ran for president after all this happened. Not only did that greatly increase the odds that his family would get dragged through this mess, but had he won the nomination we would likely have lost an election that should have been a gimme in this political climate. Hubris among powerful men who cheat on their spouses is hardly new or remarkable though. With luck the short-attention-spanned public will soon get distracted by the Olympics and these two can get on with their own issues without us sticking our noses in it.

FGF-Cohen Cage Match

Now that being said I first want to give a big HELL YEAH!.. congrats to all the Cohenites as they layeth the SmackDown on Nikki Tinker's candy ass!.....So this friday, I stand with pride as Steve Cohen clearly understands my theory that Memphis Politics is alot like Memphis Wrestling. The Tinker campaign engaged in a ugly and dirty campaign of race baiting, a heel turn to be sure. While before Tinker was more of a "Rich Girl" persona...a Missy Hyatt type, she turned into more of a darker heel. With Larsha's cabal of ministers like Teddy Long back when he managed Rodney Mack and each week trotted out the "RODNEY MACK-WHITE BOY CHALLENGE". The RMWBC was a bit where Long would send out an open challenge to any "White boy" in the lockeroom to fight Rodney Mack. Of course some jobber who we have never seen before would step out from behind the curtain and proceed to get destroyed by Mack.
So Nikki?...where are all those ministers now?...where are all those supporters and friends?...
Unlike most of my fellow bloggers I feel a little sorry for Ms. Tinker....used and now discarded, by people who filled her head and her campaign with nonsense.

The Race angle is one of the most enduring and effective ways to get over on a marks, in both politics and wrestling.
Take a look at some of these

...hehehehehehe Too let's look at another heel promo

Once again...wrestling...

and again...politics..


And finally, my man Cohen decides that it's clobbering time!

What can I say....Memphis loves a tough guy.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Friday, August 01, 2008

Feel Good Friday-Kinda

This is a TGIF moment if there ever was one, on top of the whole mess with Blogger that has resulted in Sharon Cobb, Vibinc, and Tom Guleff have all been temporarily shut down. LeftWing Cracker is back in the game however and still swinging away.
In an eerie coincedence The Mid-South Peace and Justice as well as the offices of First Congo were broken into and ransacked last night sometime after midnight. Sadly alot of our media equipment was stolen, thankfully no one was hurt, and that's what really matters. I am loathed to conject about possible motivations or in questioning the timing ,or manner of this crime, which is dubious. I will say after spending a good chunk of the day cleaning up this mess with our wonderful interns that spirits are high and this campaign will continue on with our phonebanking operations without interuption.

Now on to FGF
As a kid my uncle would load up myself and my cousins in his car and we would go down to the Mid-South colisseum and watch some "Rasslin". It is almost hard to believe that not too long ago thousands of people would go to see Memphis Wrestling every Monday night. In fact it was so popular that I recall asking my mother If I could stay up a little late to see Jack Eaton announce the results on Action News Five.
This week continuing the theme of Memphis Politics vs. Memphis Wrestling I present to you A collection of Vids showcasing Wrestling and Political players at their best.

First up one of my personal favorites... As Eddie Gilbert, pulls a sneak attack worthy of John Ford.

Next up is a true legend and a possible reader of this very blog. I present to you the REAL Nature Boy Buddy Landel. Check out the music at the two minute mark...classic. Kinda reminds me of an evil version of my good friend David Upton. "Just joking"

Austin Idol the Universal Heartthrob, shows us that a sneak attack that would make Joe Cooper green with envy

Of course no discussion of Wrestling Heels would be complete without...Scott Bowden.

Now check out this ...personally I think The Councilwoman missed her calling, this is a great promo. Right up there with Sting confronting Hollywood Hogan or Triple H talking about Katie Vick.

Have a good weekend, everyone.