Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kudos for Pesky

Have y'all been reading Chris Davis's stories on the Networx debacle? If not, you are dead to me.

Start here and here then cruise over here and read the articles that he has posted on the blog. (For those of you who are easily confused, remember his work for the Flyer is separate from his work on his personal blog.)

His work in tracking down what is going on with public funds in this deal has just been outstanding, and I am looking forward to seeing where this leads. Already it has led to some of the City Council members asking the MLGW board to postpone the impending sale, and they agreed. Hopefully, MLGW and the Council will look into some of what is going on before they agree to sell.

I had a long talk with Chris tonight, and his enthusiasm for this story is contagious. There is something about watching one of my friends use his talent in a way that helps make the place we live better that makes me even prouder to be a friend of his. (That and his ability to sing a country song that will make your mama weep).

Stay tuned, because I have a feeling that there is more to come on this issue.


PeskyFly said...

Dang Dabs, thanks. I'm enthusiastic about most of my stuff though. Well, except for the grunt work that gets old fast.

Dabney said...

Oh, I don't doubt your enthusiasm, I just rarely get to witness it firsthand.