Monday, October 02, 2006

The Values Party?

So the party of moral values is now pro-sex predators? The House GOP leadership has been covering up for Foley for five years. This is sickening.

Along those lines, 7th District candidate Bill Morrison breaks the bat out against party leader Marsha Blackburn.


polar donkey said...

I just called Congresswomen Blackburn's office. The intern that answered the phone wasn't very happy about my question. "what was Blackburn's position on the Foley situation?" She said Blackburn didn't support Foley and thought it was bad. Also said she didn't know anything it. I then asked if Blackburn was going to make a public statement about the situation. The intern said Blackburn wasn't planning too. I finally asked if Blackburn was going to support Hastert as speaker. The girl said Blackburn hadn't talked about this in the office and she wouldn't know.
Interestingly, the intern wanted my address. I told her the address of where I work. Which is in Congressman Ford's district. She asked if I had asked Ford. I said, "why would I do that? He's a Democrat and he's not going to be in the congress no matter what to decide on who the speaker is?"

Repubnomore said...

Come on you letter writers. Every newspaper in this district needs to get a few LTEs questioning Blackburn's involvement in this cover-up. 94% of those responding in a recent CNN poll said any congressman knowing anything about the Foley matter and not doing anything about it should resign immediately. How about it, Marsha?