Friday, September 29, 2006

Prayers For Lexie's Family

Lexie Carter, the editor of the Shelby County Democrat, is leaving tomorrow for California to attend the funeral of a very accomplished man, her Uncle Floyd! Our prayers and love go out to the Dade family and all who knew and were touch by Floyd Dade.

To quote Lexie:

He was the west coast regional WWII President. He was instrumental in having the WWII monument erected in Washington DC. He was very proud of his pictures with Bill Clinton and Colin Powell when he got the proclamation signed in the Oval Office.
To visit Floyd Dade's web page go to:

If you would like to send Lexie a card her address is:

Lexie Carter

2872 Turnbridge

Memphis , TN. 38128

Democrat Fest Fundraiser

Democrat Fest Fundraiser

Sponsored by: Shelby County Democratic Party

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

6:00 P.M until 9:00 P.M.

Venue: The Lobster King

32 N. Cleveland (between Poplar and Madison )

Memphis, Tn

Authentic Oriental Cuisine


Suggested Donation: $50

(Proceeds to benefit Nov. 7th 2006 ballots)

Limited Seating, Please R.S.V.P or for add̢۪l info call:

Mal Hooker 647-5785 email:

Attire: Business Dress

More Fun With Trolls

Your subsequent post seems to evoke disappointment that Corker is not going to kick Jr's ass. Keep it coming.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander my friend. I am constantly catelouging your postings and I've put together a nice little packet.

If Larsha has to go - then so do you. I will be making a motion to remove you from the Executive Committee.
# posted by Anonymous : 2:16 PM

Bring it on, my troll friend. I'm shaking in my boots that you'll have the balls to publicly show yourself outside of anonymous comments. Let's take a look at what you say. My post that you are posting on includes the line "I sure as hell don't want Corker in there." The post you are complaining about includes me making fun of Corker's awful ads and total lack of charisma. Real disloyal stuff there, eh? Have I said that I "might" not vote for Ford? Yes. Have I expressed anger at his conservative ideology? Yup. Have I been angry that he himself doesn't support Democrats? Sure. Note that I have said that if I decide I can't stomach voting for Ford, I just won't vote in that race. I've been arguing with friends for 2 years telling them that we need to support Ford to take back the Senate. That clothespin starts to slip off my nose when he is pro-torture and if he supports his unqualified brother over the Democratic nominee. I haven't gone after Ford even vaguely until the past few weeks when HE has been a disloyal Democrat. Even then, I've kept it soft. Nowhere in the bylaws does it say I am required to vote. Have you voted in every race with a Democrat in it or should you be removed too? The other person you mentioned actively supported an opponent of a Demcoratic nominee. Those are very different actions. You may also note, that I haven't brought any resolutions foward to remove him.

Am I being disloyal to Democrats to not want our party to move to the right of Ronald Reagan? Am I being disloyal to Democrats for being angry when our own party members take bribes and betray the public trust then play the victim? Maybe I should be more like you Mr. Brave Anonymous Defender of the Party.

If you want to bring this resolution up; be my guest. Let's compare your record and mine? Who has volunteered more for the party this year? Who has given more in donations? Who has helped more campaigns? Put your money where your mouth is, my friend. I've been elected twice without opposition. Nothing on my blog gave them cause to turn me down before. Has anything changed? Between you and me, let's see who is the true Democrat.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Corker Recieves DSCC Man of the Year Award

If the Democrats take control of the Senate, the DSCC should give Corker an award for services to the party. I mean this is Tennessee. Corker started the campaign with the image of a moderately conservative, pragmatic mayor. He has plenty of money. His opponent is from Memphis (not the most popular city in the rest of the state,) and is part of a blatantly corrupt and controversial family political machine. Yet he's hemorrhaging support like a hemophiliac playing rugby. I don't care how much of a "star" Jr. is or how metrosexual he may be, a half-way decent politician Corker should have knocked him out of the water.

Corker has managed to blow a huge lead through gross incompetence on the campaign trail and pure lack of charisma. If Corker doesn't get himself replaced with an actor before the debates, he is going to be slaughtered.

Take a look at this ad. Huh? In addition to making no sense, his mother is REALLY starting to get on my nerves (although that could be because of my current insomnia-induced sleep-deprivation.) Cue abrupt ending for class to start.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Senate vs. the City

I still couldn't tell you how I'm voting in the Senate race. I want us to control Congress so bad I can taste it. I'm also sick and tired of corrupt political family machines who only care about perpetuating their own power bases.

Recently, I was having a discussion with a certain well-known Ford supporter. He insisted that whatever progressives in Memphis might think about Ford, they would vote for him to take back the Senate. This election cycle is too important to fight among ourselves. We need to work together and take back power. Ford's vote in the Senate will give the Democrats the control we need to push foward our agenda. Valid points. That might happen. I sure as hell don't want Corker in there, and I expect few progressives would.

That same day, I was having a similar conversation with a fellow-blogger and another political activist with years of experience in Memphis politics. They both put forward the idea that while the Senate was important in the short term, Ford losing would be more important to the long-term health of the city. They both argued that Memphis is being destroyed by politicians with no ideology other than rewarding themselves. They argued that a Ford victory would strengthen the decaying remnants of the Ford machine, and stick us with them for decades longer. They also argued that a Ford victory would perpetuate the idea that the way to win is to be farther to the right than the Republican and the victory would suck a little more of the party's soul away. Besides, Ford has no ideology other than victory. What trust in him does that inspire us with? If he's out for himself will he switch parties at the first politically useful opportunity? Valid points as well. I am getting phone calls, emails, and having conversations with countless people so pissed at Jr. and family that they can't see straight. I could see progressives turn away from him out of disgust and a desire for change.

What do you think? Comment and vote.

School Board Forum

Memphis Groups Organize School Board Candidate Forum

"Memphis City School Board Candidate Forum, co-sponsored by 100 Black Men of Memphis, Inc and Mid-South Democrats in Action"

MEMPHIS , TN September 27, 2006

The 100 Black Men of Memphis, Inc and the Mid-South Democrats in Action will host a forum for candidates in the races for Memphis City School Board At-Large Position 2, District 6, and District 2. The District 4 candidate is running unopposed.

The forum is scheduled for Tuesday, October 3, 2006 at the Benjamin L. Hooks Central Library, 3030 Poplar (Midtown), the forum will start promptly at 6:30 p.m.

This event is open to the general public and serves to provide the community with an in-depth opportunity to review the candidates, hear their platforms, and pose questions for these critically important elected positions. Dee Griffin, ABC 24 and CW 30 News Anchor, will moderate the forum.

The 100 Black Men of Memphis, Inc. ( is a 501c3 non-profit membership organization, affiliated with the 100 Black Men of America, Inc., whose mission is to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve and enhance educational and economic opportunities for African Americans in the Memphis area. We represent one of 106 chapters nationally and internationally. The 100 seeks to address pertinent issues affecting African American youth by focusing on the theme "What They See is What They'll Be", hence providing positive, approachable role models. The development and nurturing of our African American youth, particularly young black males is the paramount purpose of the 100 Black Men of Memphis, Inc. acknowledging and accepting the fact that indeed, "our children are our legacy to the future."

The mission of Mid-South Democrats in Action is to support and enrich democracy locally and nationally through involvement in elections, education of voters, and the recommendation of candidates, to invigorate the Democratic Party through grassroots organizing, and to provide a vehicle for those willing to contribute positively to the values and culture of the Democratic Party. MDIA collaborates with other progressive groups to protect and renew our democracy and to develop leadership that will find and mentor the next generation of leaders.

The groups are asking attendees to please submit questions via email prior to Tuesday's forum if possible to ensure timeliness given the number of races and candidates.

For more information or to submit questions, contact:

Ayana Buchanan


Flyer Covers the Debate

Jackson Baker of the Memphis Flyer has covered the debate as well.

Larsha Resigns

Mr. Larsha, the longtime member of the executive committee who has been writing letters railing against the idea of this district being represented by anyone who is not black and encouraging people to vote for Jake Ford has resigned from the Shelby County Democratic Party executive committee.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Debate Summary

In my opinion, Steve won that debate handily. He was passionate, progressive and knowledgeable. Not only did he have ideas and plans for the questions, but he could point to how he had worked on that issue in his career so far.

White, although passionate and articulate, is obviously too conservative for this district. He tried to play up the “compassionate” conservative angle, but this is Memphis, after all. I commend him for his visits to schools, but any type of conservative is too conservative for me.

Ford was well-spoken. He comes across as likeable. However, behind what he says there is little substance. His positions lacked detail. At times, they lacked anything other than “I need to study that” type answers. Politicians should admit when they don’t know something. They should also know something. The worst of those cop-outs was when Jake expressed a lack of knowledge about the healthcare system. He is a healthcare lobbyist. A lot of Ford’s comments were somewhat incorrect as well. For example, his frequent statements that the primary had no debates about issues is bull. There were probably double-digits debates. Democracy for Memphis put on the first one, MSDIA put on one, I believe the League of Women Voters did, Impact Memphis did, there were multiple forums held in African-American churches. His attack on Cohen for missing the healthcare forum would have carried more weight if he had not missed the NAACP forum himself. Besides, at least Cohen knows where he stands when he is at a forum. Jake apparently does not. I’m not a fan of inherited political dynasties and machines in the best of situations. I’m certainly not supportive of one when the inheritor lacks both the qualifications and the ideas to fill the office.

Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen started out by saying that he felt at home at the library because of the informational show he has broadcast from there for years. He is a native Memphian. He talked about his experience as a county commissioner, police legal advisor, constitutional convention representative, and state senator. He talked about helping to start the Med, the lottery scholarships, and pre-K funding. He said that the three most important issues were education, crime, and healthcare. We need more cops here, and less in Baghdad. We need universal healthcare, environmental protection, an increased minimum wage, increased teacher pay, more scholarships, and more school funding.

Cohen talked about the war being led to through false information. Katrina showed that we need to be rebuilding at home first, and Memphis is just as bad as New Orleans was before the storm. We need to get out of Iraq because we are creating terrorists. Afghanistan and the hunt for Bin Laden are important, though. He also talked about the ruling class sending people to war but never paying the price war requires.

Steve pointed to the Patriot Act as an example of what’s wrong with D.C. They make something into an acronym and suddenly it’s unpatriotic to oppose it. The act takes away our right to privacy, and he is against it. You do not defeat those who hate us by giving up our own values. We need someone who is a patriot and will stand up against the Bush administration and stand up for the Bill of Rights.

When asked about illegal immigration, Cohen referred to the quote at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty. We are a land of immigrants. Steve himself is the great-grandson of a Lithuanian immigrant. We have rules and they should be used. A guest worker program is good. We can’t just ship them all back. We should allow people who obey our laws and pay taxes to remain. He might support a fence. He also referred to specific provisions of a certain bill. He out-wonked me there, so I can’t remember what that was.

On infant mortality, Steve talked about the need to look toward the next generation not the next election to fix problems. He pointed his record of focusing on the long-term. He summarized everything as coming down to “Education, education, education.” He talked about pre-natal education programs at the Med, increasing childcare, and the importance of two-parent families.

Cohen said we are taking care of hospitals in Iraq when we need to be doing so here. He talked about the importance of giving scholarships to those in the medical field who work in underserved areas. He supports increasing the numbers of nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and physical therapists to provide care. He also talked about the need for universal healthcare. He pointed to a cigarette tax as a way he proposed to pay for these needs in the state senate.

When talking about ethics reform, Steve said that our Congress has a 25% approval rating and it deserved lower. He talked about the scandals of the day. We need no more paid travel. No more family members as lobbyists. No more tickets. No more meals. Congress makes plenty. They don’t need the freebies designed to influence them.

Cohen is 100% against writing discrimination into the Constitution. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” This is an issue used to rile up the Religious Right, and it is being used against Ford. He takes umbrage at this. The only other time discrimination was in the state constitution was the ban on inter-racial marriage, and Steve was part of the convention that removed that. This should be an issue left up to the states. He is a lifetime member of the NAACP and both it and the Congressional Black Caucus oppose anti-marriage amendments.

When asked about what committees he would like to serve on, Steve said it would be presumptuous to decide now. He did talk about how most people choose committees based on money available but he didn’t want to do that. He wanted to be on the judiciary committee to protect our rights because he doesn’t mind the hot issues. He talked about the need to make our drug laws less discriminatory. He also talked about the transportation committee being essential to the Memphis economy.

He closed by talking about spending his life in government. You know what you get with him. The country is in the worst shape he has seen it before and it needs help.

Jake Ford

Jake Ford started his opening statements by thanking the League of Women Voters for hosting the event. He repeated his assertion that he ran as an independent because there were not chances to have debates about the issues in the primary. He said that this debate would not be happening if not for him being in the race. Another reason he ran is to put people-politics above party politics. He said that the seat doesn’t belong to his family but to the people. Ford also said that community funding should be increased. Wages need to go up. We need more funding for education and increased access to healthcare. He stated that we’ve trusted his family and that he hopes we’ll trust him as well.

When asked about Iraq, he said that we must acknowledge where mistakes were made and set a timetable to withdraw.

On the Patriot Act, Ford said that he had not read it but we must pass it. We need national security for all, and the number one issue is that we protect our borders.

He said that he wasn’t well-informed about illegal immigration but that he would learn in Congress. Ford said that what we need is a candidate who has an independent attitude. We don’t need party politics.

On infant mortality, he talked about the “disparaging” numbers of African Americans affected. He talked about the need to drop racial tensions so we can move forward.

On Medicare, Ford said “You would almost have to know a lot about the system itself and at this time I do not have all of the answers here."

On ethics reform, Ford talked about the fact that we live in capitalism and that politicians need to serve people.

Jake said he is opposed to gay marriage but not civil unions. He also expressed anger at any comparisons of gay rights to civil rights.

When asked about his qualifications, Ford talked about how it’s hard to be noticed in his family. He said that his life has been dedicated to public service, and that he and his family are always helping people in the community. He also said that he works in a health-care consulting firm.

He said that he should be more abreast of the issues and that he will be. He also jabbed at Cohen for missing the healthcare forum earlier in the week. In closing, he said that his campaign was for everyone.

Mark White

I’ll start the debate coverage with Mark White. I’ll try and be unbiased and just report what they say. (I’m trying to be good; really I am.) After that, I’ll post my thoughts. Please excuse the disjointedness of this post. It’s basically me typing up the major points of my notes as quickly as I can between classes. I’ll leave beautiful prose to Freedonian and Autoegocrat.

White started off his opening statement by joking that it was nice to be recognized for once since he was a Republican running for the 9th District. He’s lived in Memphis since 1966 and has been a teacher, principal and small business owner. He talked about our city being in a crisis with the country’s worst infant mortality rates, high dropout rates, high crime, and an inner-city left behind by career politicians.

On the War in Iraq, he stated that no one likes war but we have to fix it now. If we pull out only Iran and the terrorists win.

He supports the Patriot Act and says that we need to “uphold the constitution” when it comes to treatment of detainees.

On immigration, White stated that “a country without borders is no country at all.” He talked about the importance of protecting our borders and not giving people amnesty. He also said that we can’t send all the 11 million illegal immigrants home.

He said that the infant mortality rate is a barometer of our community’s health. He also talked about the need to move on from always talking about color. One of the most important needs the community has is keeping fathers in the homes.

He promised to fight to bring federal dollars to the district for healthcare and to increase funding for Medicare.

On ethics reform, he said we need to be willing to teach our children “No lying. No cheating. No stealing,” and to follow that teaching ourselves.

He stated that he was opposed to same sex marriage. He then spent the time in answer to that question talking about the teen pregnancy rate and the lack of parents in the home.

He talked about the qualifications he brought as a job creator, teacher, principal, and business leader. White also pointed out the benefits of not electing a career politician when our community has suffered so much under their leadership.

He has visited many schools and all the principals talk about the need for parents in the home. He wants to increase funding and decrease testing.

White closed by getting emotional while talking about the tragedy of children born to fail. He talked about the need to elect officials with compassion. He closed with pointing out that what we all want are safe streets, quality schools, and good jobs.

The Debate...

I'll post on last night's debate soon, but while I'm in class I thought I'd leave you with a few Fordisms in reference to various issues:

"I don't know the solution right now. I don't have the answer right now. I want to go to Congress to learn," says Ford.

"I have not read the entire patriot act. But one of the things I am certain of is that yes, we must pass it."

"You would almost have to know a lot about the system itself and at this time I do not have all of the answers here."

Monday, September 25, 2006

Time Magazine Piece on the 9th District

There's a Time Magazine piece about the 9th District race that might interest ya'll.

Dear Stupid Emailers...

Sigh... I know this must be hard to fathom, but you really should learn to read to the end of a post (or maybe learn to read judging by the writing style of those in question.) You see, when a post ends with someone's name other than me and it has their contact info, that might be a clue that I am fowarding on an annoucement from someone else and not writing the post myself. Now, it's pretty much a given that I support that person/group/issue/whatever if I'm posting it, but it doesn't do any good to cuss me out over something that I obviouslly didn't write. If you have a strong desire to show your limited vocabulary in an email, please read further into my archives. I'm sure I have provided plenty of comments to piss you off, especially if you are a consevative (although I'm always surprised that I get linked to positively by some conservatives. go figure.) or a corrupt-good-for-nothing Democrat. You're welcome to cuss me out for those. It gives me a refreshing break from Civil Procedure. Otherwise, please remember to take your Lithium

Decatur County Going Blue?

It's possible, and it warms this West Tennessee Liberal's redneck heart.

Bill Morrison has had a series of great rallies across the district. If you live out in the political wastelands, or if you don't, give the guy a helping hand. He's a veteran and a progressive. At worst, this is a great chance to make Marsha unload some of that war chest that could be used to help other Republicans and start the long hard process of turning this whole state blue. I pledge now that if Bill wins McNairy County I'll treat him to a gourmet meal of slugburgers, RC Cola, moon pie, and deer jerky. Mmmmm...

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Shrub is Back in Town

Are you outraged at the $316 BILLION (and rising) price tag for the Bush administration's floundering waging of an unjust war in Iraq, while millions here in the United States continue to live below poverty level?

President Bush is coming to Memphis next Wednesday, September 27, to attend a $2100 per plate fund raiser for senate nominee Bob Corker. Join with the Mid South Peace and Justice Center at the intersection of Shady Grove and Yates in East Memphis at 11am to protest the president's visit and to draw attention to the escalating cost of the Bush administration's war in Iraq, in terms of lives lost and tax dollars wasted, while emphasizing the need for funding of vital services here at home. It is time to rise up and let President Bush know that we will not sit idly by while death and destruction are wrought in our name.

There will be members of the media on hand, so it's imperative to have as many concerned members of the community in attendance as possible, to impress upon the president and the nation that the people of Memphis seek a peaceful and just solution to the inadequacies of the Bush administration. By all means, inform your friends and encourage their attendance as well. We hope to see you there!!

go here for a map,+tn&ie=UTF8&oe=UTF-8&client=firefox-a&z=15&ll=35.124226,-89.876447&spn=0.015339,0.041971&om=1&iwloc=A

In Peace,
Jacob Flowers
Mid-South Peace and Justice Center
1000 S. Cooper
Memphis, TN 38104
mobile 901.517.8689
fax 901.725.7858

Friday, September 22, 2006

Letter to the Editior in the Flyer


I was planning to financially support Harold Ford Jr.'s campaign for the U.S. Senate and volunteer to work for him. Since reading Jackson Baker's column in the Flyer (Politics, September 14th issue), I am having second thoughts. Steve Cohen was not my first choice for the 9th District U.S. representative nomination, but he did win in an honorable way, and I believe he will seek to represent the interests of the majority of his constituents.

I have been a Harold Ford Jr. supporter since I lived in Memphis. I backed him in 1996 over Cohen because I thought of him as a new Democrat who would look out for the interests of all the citizens of District 9. I urge Ford to reconsider his refusal to endorse the straight Democratic ticket and to do so as soon as possible.

Wilson Guthrie


Get it From the Source

Want to know why Jr. won't support the Democratic nominee for Congress? Ask him yourself. You might even get to shake hands with Jake.

You Are Invited To Meet With

Congressman Harold Ford Junior

Sunday, Sept 24th between 5 and 7:00 PM

Ford Campaign Headquarter's
1213 Ridgeway Road
(Corner of Park Ave. and Ridgeway Rd
In the Park Place Mall)

Last One, We Promise...

You are cordially invited to a






Tuesday, Sept. 26, 2006

5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Bank of Bartlett Lobby

Kirby-Poplar Branch, 1870 Kirby Parkway at Poplar


Lynne & Henry Turley Harold Byrd

Leigh Shockey Ron Belz

Dawn Kinard Desi Franklin

Matt Kuhn David Cocke

Calvin Anderson Gale Jones Carson

Jim Strickland Karl Schledwitz

William Orgel

RSVP to Ashley Jackson at 382-6658

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Church Ad...

I don't watch television, for the most part, so I hadn't seen Ford's "Church Ad" until just about 60 seconds ago. Jesus sure would be proud to hear him condemn those damn illegal immigrants. Filming an ad in a church. Sheesh... It's one thing to discuss your faith and how it affects your political philosophy. I am all for that. What ticks me off is when it's just another tool of demagoguery . As in, "I have to remember to say God five times and Jesus three times in the speech. Then they'll vote for me." Filming an ad in a church... I think we may have just reached a new level of that.


The River City Mud Bugle has published a correction regarding the Jake Ford campaigning with his brother story. Jake himself in his radio interview says he was campaigning with his brother, but the story from trusted reporter Jackson Baker was that while Jake was at the rally, he was not given any official chance to speak. I don't recall asserting on here that he was, but I did link to those stories and want to be open about any inaccuracies.

However, the point still stands that Jr. needs to come out and at least publicly endorse Cohen. It's still an open question how involved Jr. is with the campaign of Jake, but no one really denies Harold Ford Sr.'s involvement. If we are expected to vote for Ford because he won the primary, Ford should be expected to do the same. Contrary to what Jr. supporters tell me, there is not an eleventh commandment that reads "Thou shalt vote for a candidate no matter what." I don't trust Ford to stay with the party; he has a way to earn that trust. If he doesn't do so whether I skip that race or not becomes an open question. I'm not the only one who will be doing that.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Tri-State Defender Endorses Cohen

The Tri-State Defender has endorsed Steve Cohen for Congress. You can read the article here.

The Memphis Tri-State Defender is an African American newspaper published in Memphis, Tennessee.

The Tri-State Defender is one of the longest continuously-published African American papers in the Southern United States and as such is quite prestigious for a publication of its type. It was very active in the Civil Rights Movement. As its name implies, it is aimed at the African American market not only in Memphis proper, but also in nearby areas of Arkansas and Mississippi.
(From Wikipedia)

A Letter From Bill Morrison

Dear Friends,

We are 20 days from early voting and we are working hard in every county to take back the 7th District. We have followed our plan and we know we will all be celebrating on November 7!

We are so close to our goal and need your help to take us over the top. I am asking each one of you to please take a moment right now and contribute $20.00 to our campaign. The cost of two movie tickets can take us to victory. I know all of you are willing to give up that trip to the movie to watch our show called Blackburn Loses Election!

With your $20.00 contribution we will reach our goal for direct mail in the entire District. If you can give more please do so. If you can contribute $10.00 do that and ask a friend to give $10.00. Please help us reach our goal! I would ask each of you to forward this to all your friends and help spread the word.

I cannot thank you all for the tremendous support each of you have shown me over these past 10 months. I will work tireless for you as your new Congressman and will make you proud to call me your elected representative. We have all Had Enough!

Please contribute at or by mail to Morrison for Tennessee , P.O. Box 281297 Memphis , TN 38168 .

Your Next Congressman,

Bill Morrison

Poll Workers Needed

Steve Cohen needs poll workers to volunteer during early voting and election day. This race is extremely important and we could use all the help we can get to elect this great Democrat to office.

Please contact Liz to volunteer.

Mike Kernell Fundraiser

Well, it's that time of year again... Let's help Mike beat back the biennial Gooper challenge.

When: Thursday, September 28, 2006, 5-7:30 PM

Where: Old Venice Pizza, 368 Perkins Road Extended, 1 block north of Poplar, across Perkins from Davis-Kidd

Make checks payable to THE KERNELL CAMPAIGN, 111 South Highland, 38111

No cash contributions over $50, any contribution appreciated!

No corporate checks, please.

Mike's opponent, Tim Cook has already sent one mailing into District 93, so let's get together to help re-elect Mike

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What Jake Really Wants...

Jake Ford answered the question for what he really wants yesterday. This is an almost direct quote (if you want the direct quote go over to the River City Mud Bugle for the audio. This quote is at the end. My memory isn't perfect this time of morning)

"I want what all Congressmen want, to get reelected."

Sounds like about the answer I'd expect from a high-school drop-out/lobbyist/part of a corrupt political machine. Just think, if Jake starts out this idealistic, how great will he be in ten years?

College Democrats

I went to the University of Memphis College Democrats meeting last night, and it made me quite optimistic about the future of our party. As always, Steve Cohen was great and spoke extensively about the issues we all care about. The man is imminently quotable, but that's not what this post is about. What really excited me was the growth of the College Democrats. The meeting was standing-room only. The club also has about 20-30 interns on local campaigns (mostly on Cohen's campaign) and a lot of legislative interns. The president, John Marek, has developed into quite the organizer over the last couple of years. Younger leaders like Kate Mauldin are quite impressive as well (she has an advantage over John in that she is both a great speaker AND cute. :-)) Other progressive groups like Planned Parenthood and the Environmental Action Club are sprouting up left and right, as well. You can see future leaders of local politics being groomed in that room, and its a beautiful thing.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Jake Speaks...

So I heard Jake on 1600 AM today. If you want to hear it, Freedonian and Autoegocrat have promised to post the audio. In the mean time, here are a few highlights I noticed.

1. He said that he didn't run in the Democratic primary because there were no forums or debates for the candidates. (I can remember about 10.)

2. He said he had been arrested for disorderly conduct.

3. He said he didn't believe politicians should be elected to lifelong seats. (He must really appreciate irony to be a Ford who says that.)

4. Said he didn't want to be vocal against anyone and just wanted to talk about issues. (Check out the River City Mud Bugle to see that lie called out. Minutes later he was accusing Cohen of violating ethics.

5. Several callers were calling Cohen a racist because they said he didn't want to dig up the dead guy in Forest Park. Jake had the same position as Cohen. Does that make Jake a racist?

6. He has had a job. He's a lobbyist. I think I'd rather him be a pot-head. He'd do less damage.

7. He said he was campaigning with Jr. Friday at Jr.'s headquarters. That he and Jr. help each other daily, and that Jr. "endorses me everyday."

8. "My life has been about public service." And lobbying and dropping out of high school and disorderly conduct arrests.

9. He couldn't define insurgent when a supportive caller asked him too. St. Albans ain't what it used to be, eh?

I have a migraine and if I don't turn out the lights my head is going to explode. I'll post more later.

Rumble on the River... (Well, a few miles from the river)

When: Monday, September 25, 7 PM
WHERE: the main library , 3030 Poplar
WHAT: Candidate Forum - 9th U.S. District
WHO: Steve Cohen (D), Mark White (R) and Jake Ford (I)
Candidates seeking the seat vacated by Harold Ford, Jr.
will square off in their first public debate.

Sponsor: The League of Women Voters of Memphis/Shelby

Written questions will be accepted for consideration. If you have a question, please send it to us by return email.

Dee Nollner, President
League of Women Voters

Free Food and Liberal Co-eds...


Where: University Center, Room 303
When: Today from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

This will be the 1st College Democrats meeting of the Fall '06 semester. We will be privileged to have State Senator Steve Cohen as our guest speaker. He is the Democratic nominee for the 9th Congressional District seat, and he is going to be an outstanding Congressman for Memphis come November 7th. There will be free food and refreshments, and some of us will go out for drinks after the meeting. Faculty, students, and everyone else is welcome. If you have any questions, then write me back on here or call me at 901-351-7695.

Hope to see you there,
John Marek
President, Univ. of Memphis College Democrats
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Saturday, September 16, 2006

How Dare I Not Give a Politician My Vote?

I don't know how I'm voting in the Senate. I wouldn't vote for Ford for ideology. I wouldn't vote for him for his principles. I would vote for him to swing the Senate. However, time and again Ford has given us reasons not to trust that he'll stay in the party. He's out for himself, not us. Voters DO NOT owe politicians their votes. Politicians owe us a reason to vote for them.

Ford is Pro-Welfare...

Contrary to our assumptions, there is at least one traditionally Democratic issue that Harold Ford Jr. supports: welfare. I might add the caveat that his version of welfare only supports rich, political dynasties with every advantage imaginable. So, I guess it's no wonder why he's really a Republican (I give him maybe 10 minutes in a 50-50 or 51-49 Senate before he switches, and that's if he's feeling idealistic.) Freedonian says it well,

Harold Ford Jr. is supporting his brother simply because he’s tired of supporting his brother. This moves him off of the Harold Ford Sr.-administered welfare and into a job where it’s forgivable (Perhaps even preferable, if you’re a Republican) to be as dumb as a box of rocks.

Don’t knock it. It worked wonders when George Bush Sr. was trying to find a job for his two little dullards.

This isn’t about hanging an albatross around our necks--- It’s a desperation move to remove one from their own.

So forget the well-educated, accomplished legislator running against him. While that guy was pushing for legislation that sends kids to college on the house, GED Jake was humiliating the family in a wrestling ring. While the well-educated, accomplished legislator was building a voting record that any state senator can be proud of, GED Jake was getting thrown out of school after school.

Isn’t that why we exist? To relieve the burdens of the Ford family? To fork over our hard-earned money in exchange for representation by someone I can only generously call a buffoon?

It’s Congress or bagging groceries. Frankly, I don’t think he could hold the grocery job very long.

If they want this withered fruit of the family loom to get a check issued by the federal government every month, they should encourage him to apply for welfare.

There is a Reason to Vote For Jake...

You know the type. Every family has one. That guy who sponges off his parents, lives in the basement, smokes pot, and never works. He's the relative we all wish we could send to Guantanamo (or at least McDonald's.) He's a joke, a leech, and a drain upon the family finances. In short, he's perfect for Congress. So help the Ford's out. Send this bum to Washington so he can smoke his bongs in our basements' instead. Or mabye, we should teach them a lesson and send him to McDonald's where he can work his dumb rich ass for once.

Friday, September 15, 2006


I haven't been posting on the TN Senate race because I am truly torn. Maybe I can get past Ford's ideological wanderings for the sake of the Senate. Maybe I could get past him staying neutral in the 9th District race. So how far am I willing to go? Not this fricking far.

If Ford loses even 2% of the popular vote by ticking off progressives, he loses. You know what, if that happens, it's his own damn fault. He doesn't support Democrats or Democratic issues. I'm still not sure how I'm going to vote, but let me say that I am incredibly pissed off at him. If he stops this shit and endorses Cohen he's got my vote. He keeps this up, then I recognize my right as a voter to say fuck them both. If he doesn't support Democrats then there is no need for Democrats to support him.

Anonymous Comments

The spammers are back, which is always a pain. Plus, a lot of ya'll seem to hate anonymous posters. I'm assuming the anonymous posters don't. So how about it? Anonymous or registered comments.

Moustache Wars...

Pesky, Freedonian, Serrabee, and Pam are hereby banned from my blog due to hating on the moustache. I realize that ya'll are jealous of my superior smarminess, but that is no reason to get all personal. I refuse to take criticism about hair from a guy who has had a mullet and gone 80's punk. :-)

Tate Wins...

Reginald Tate won the election last night to replace Bowers as the nominee for District 33. Tate recieved 18 votes. Stanton 10. Gill 5 or 6. I have to say, though, on the issues Del was on fire last night. His speeches were great, he was the most progressive, and he was the most willing to fully discuss the issues. I gotta give credit where credit is due. I have extensive notes about the meeting (and I do mean EXTENSIVE), but I'm not going to write much about it at this point. Maybe later.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ann Richards

The WTL flags are flying at half-staff today for Gov. Ann Richards.

Hattip to Cracker and John Marek.


I've been cautious this whole election cycle. 6 months ago, I saw no chance of us taking over either house. Now, I'd predict we squeak by with the house and pick up 4 or 5 in the Senate. I'm too young to have been part of a wave election before. Life hasn't been very good for Democrats for most of the time I've been politically aware. The latest article of the Cook Political Report touched on this issue though. It talks about the difference in perspective between old political pros and the under-40 ones who run the day-to-day ground games. Here's a sample:

Older pros, while often one or more steps removed from the day-to-day developments in each contest, appear to read a bit more into the races, placing greater emphasis on the national political environment and what it is likely to mean for contests that are currently too close to call or for Republican incumbents with precarious leads. These relative old-timers vividly remember the midterm elections of 1994, 1986, 1982, and 1974, as well as the presidential year of 1980, when the late Speaker Tip O'Neill's adage "All politics is local" clearly didn't apply.

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been struck by the sameness of what I've heard in conversations with a host of former executive or political directors of the parties' House and Senate campaign committees and with veterans of the Reagan and Clinton White House political offices. Almost to a person, the consensus is that "the House is gone" for the GOP unless, as each noted carefully, "something big" happens.

And although a clear division of opinion exists among them on the outlook for the Senate, no one disputes that the GOP is facing some tough losses in that chamber. One veteran of the Reagan White House's political shop, who has 30 years of experience and still keeps a close eye on races, recalled that in 1982, 14 Republican House members who had double-digit leads on October 1 ended up losing.

The old bulls seem to sense that "we've seen this play before," and to note unmistakable signs that were overlooked or discounted in many of those previous elections. They've seen level-playing-field elections -- the micro, race-by-race, what-you-see-is-what-you-get elections that characterize four out of five midterm cycles. But they've also seen the other kind, when a significant number of superior candidates and campaigns lose because an invisible hand seems to push candidates of one party forward and hold back those on the other side.

The over-40 election-watchers emphasize that they aren't ruling out the possibility that something could help the GOP at the last minute, but they all believe that it would take something awfully big to enable Republicans to save the House and keep a secure majority in the Senate.

It's looking awfully like the old-timers may be right. I can see us taking over the Senate. Ford and Webb and McCaskill are all in the margin of error. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much, but damn. November 7th could be a good night. If all goes well, I don't know if I'll be making it into class the next morning.

Somewhere Lost Deep in the Mists of Time...

*Cue deep, booming movie preview voice...*
There was a blog. A blog of legend... A blog of hard-hitting news coverage, the likes of which Memphis has never seen (well, a least outside of the Memphis Flyer). Auto's back with the River City Mud Bugle. Check it out. Does this mean we get to call him a cub reporter? He even quotes Twain.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Single Digits...

Could Bill Morrison be within single digits of Marsha?

Send him some dough, and join up the campaign... This is a fighting Dem who deserves our support.

And give the diary a reccomend to boost its profile on Kos.

District 33 Convention Location Change

Please note location change. The convention will be held at Cummings
Street Baptist Church 250 E. Raines Road at the corner of Raines and
Neely Road. Please enter the parking lot on the Raines Road side. The
meeting will be held in the fellow-ship hall and there is an entrance
to the hall from the parking lot. There should be a sign on the door.
We moved due to the size of the room previously selected.



District 33 Straw Poll

I have a straw poll set up for district 33. Take a stab at voting after you read the statements.

Candidate Statements

I have uploaded the candidate statements here. I have a statement from every candidate except for Brown. As soon as I get his, it will be posted there as well.

UDPATE: Link fixed.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

No Eulogy Tonight

I had predicted a four point win for Chafee tonight. However, I had a eulogy for Rockefeller Republicans ready just in case. Looks like he's going to win by 8. He's still going to lose in November, but that endangered species survives another few days.

District 33 Candidates

Media Release

The Democratic Candidates for Senate Dist 33
Shelby County Democrats accept nominations to fill Dist 33

Chairman, Matt Kuhn, and First Vice-Chair Cherry Davis announced the
of the candidates who had filed nominating petitions with the special
convention for District 33 Tennessee State Senate Democratic

The Convention will be held at Cummings Street Baptist Church (NEW
at 250 East Raines Road at the corner of Raines and Neely (Enter off of
Raines) in District 33 at 7 pm on September 14th.

Chairman Kuhn said, “I invite all democrats to attend the convention
and the
public is invited to this shining example of our party’s democracy in

“Our call for Democratic candidates to carry the democratic banner in
district 33 has yielded a large number of promising people. I am
for the future of our District,” stated First Vice-Chair Cherry Davis.

Senate District 33 Democratic Nominee candidates

John Brown
Dell Gill
Walter Payne
Lea Ester Redmond
Ed Stanton, Sr.
Reginald Tate
Coleman Thompson
Steven Webster

Kuhn and Davis will be available for comment and will release copies of
candidate questionnaires to the media at the SCDP Headquarters: 2400
Ave, Suite 330 at 2:00 PM Wednesday Sept 13th.


Romantic Evening...

Is it just me or is there nothing more enjoyable then curling up in the corner of the law library with a bluebook, a highlighter, and a federal reporter? Legal Methods rocks... (I might as well try to earn my smarmy reputation.)

Also, if any of my loyal readers happen to be pasty, old, and have a peg leg, drop me a line. I have a friend across the table here who we'll call "Beth" that I want to hook you up with. If that doesn't work out I'm coming to you next, Freedonian. Didn't you want a hot, desperatly single law chick?

*Let's see how long it takes her to see this and throw the hornbook at me.*

Time to Water the Shrub...

George Bush will be in Memphis, Wednesday, September 27, 2006, Home of Barbara & Pitt Hyde, 6058 Shady Grove Road.

From Jacob Flowers, MidSouth Peace and Justice Center.
Those interested in helping to plan our Protest welcoming party for the President please come to our potluck this Wed. at 6:30pm at the Peace and Justice Center, 1000 S. Cooper. If you can't make it but still want your group to be involved please let me know and we will keep you in the loop. I will scout out possible locations before then.


Monday, September 11, 2006

Morons of the Right...

Pesky, I have a suggestion for your regular Fucktard awards. The following is an email/prayer request from a friend of mine at church.

Prescott friends:

Please pray for Courtney and her colleagues at the clinic in Davenport IA where she works. In the wee hours this morning an anti-abortionist rammed his car into the clinic's waiting room and set the building on fire. Fortunately no one was there at the time, and the police have apprehended the offender. Police dogs are checking the place for bombs. Early reports indicate fairly extensive building damage, though the Fire Dept responded promptly. The staff is anxious to get back into the building to at least retrieve patient records so treatment will not suffer. Presumably the clinic will have to add 24/7 security. On occasion there are people there at night -- including Courtney.

Ironically, the clinic does not perform abortions. They deliver babies. They serve largely low-income persons.


To future would-be-terrorists, please have the professionalism in the future to check to see if you are destroying what you meant to. Otherwise, it gives extremists everywhere a bad name.

Vote No on Amendment 1

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

If you look to the sidebar of this blog, you will see a new addition. Please check out the Vote No on 1 site, vote on election day, and talk to others. I am adamantly against writing discrimination into the constitution. I am against the government intruding into our most personal decisions. I am against the government saying that gays and lesbians are just a little bit less human than the rest of us and don't deserve the same rights. Civil rights are civil rights. This is a battle we are going to lose on election day, but this is also a war that will be won in the long-term.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Thanks. Sen. Kyle

I forgot to give props to Sen. Kyle for volunteering to match donations to the party given Thursday night.

Also note my proud new decoration at the top of the blog. You should have seen my acceptance speech. It was something. An overflowing of smarminess like the city has never seen (and this is Memphis, so that's saying something.) Next year I plan to go all the way to the smarminess national championships.

Saturday, September 09, 2006


I suppose I should be spending all day working on legal methods. Instead, I've been playing intramural flag football for the "Law Dawgs." I tried to convince Margo that this wasn't goofing off. Instead, it's networking with my future legal and political peers. I'm not sure she bought it. It probably would have worked better, had I not used the same excuse for Drinking Liberally too. Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I need to go "network" some more in some equally productive way. (Can you tell what I'm not in the mood to do? :-))

Friday, September 08, 2006

Testing Again...

Trying to figure out how to add a pic to the profile. Bear with me... I'm the one on the left. :-)

Selection Criteria

September 6, 2006

Shelby County Democratic Party Executive Members

Re: Selection Proposal for State Senate District 33 Nominee

Dear Shelby County Democratic Party Executive Members:

I would like to propose the following criteria to be used in the process to select the Democratic nominee for State Senate District 33 in the November 2006 election.

1. Each candidate must submit a letter of interest stating their qualifications and why they think they would be the best candidate.

2. Each candidate must fill out and submit a questionnaire and either fax it to Chairman Kuhn at (901) 347-0456 or drop it off at co-chair Cherry Davis residence at 4070 Speigel Drive, Memphis, TN 38116. You can reach Matt Kuhn at 289-5846 or Cherry Davis at 332-6327.

3. The letter of interest and questionnaire must be received by close of business Tuesday September 12th.

4. Each candidate will be required to obtain at least 25 signatures from registered voters in State Senate District 33. Signatures of 25 registered voters must be accompanied with addresses of voters to verify with the election commission.


Cherry Davis

Co-Chair State District 33 Candidate Selection Committee

District 33 Petition


Senate District 33

We the undersigned registered voters in the city of Memphis, in the county of Shelby, State of Tennessee, hereby nominate (name)__________________________________ (address)________________________________________ as a candidate for the office specified above, to be voted on in the election which will be held on the 7th day of November, 2006. We request that his/her name be printed on the official ballot.


I hereby direct that my name appear on the official ballot as follows, and I declare, under penalty of perjury, that I have reviewed the qualifications for the office sought herein and hereby certify that I meet said qualifications and that the information provided over my signature is true and correct.

Print Name

______________________________________________ ___________________ _____________________

Residential address Zip Code Residential Phone

______________________________________________ ___________________ _____________________

Business Address Zip Code Business Phone

CANDIDATE’S SIGNATURE ________________________________________________________


(must be registered voters who are eligible to vote to fill this office)

(Cannot sign for another person) (Address as listed on registration—no P. O. Box)

Sign here__________________________________ Street Address___________________________________

Print signature____________________________________ Zip Code _________________

Sign here__________________________________ Street Address___________________________________

Print signature____________________________________ Zip Code _________________

Sign here__________________________________ Street Address___________________________________

Print signature____________________________________ Zip Code _________________

Sign here__________________________________ Street Address___________________________________

Print signature____________________________________ Zip Code _________________

Senate Candidate Application Forms


Please submit to Matt Kuhn via fax at (901) 347-0456 or email at or

Cherry Davis at or her residence at 4070 Speigel Drive, Memphis, TN 38116

33rd Senatorial District Information Form

and Statement of Intent for Candidacy

Full Name: _________________________________________

Date of Birth: _______________________________________

Residence: _______________________________________


How long (years): _____________________________________

Ward: _______________________________________

Precinct: _______________________________________

Voting Location: _____________________________________

Is this residence in the 33rd Senatorial District? YES _____ NO_____

Have you resided in the county for 1year and state for 3 yrs? YES___NO__

If you answered no, do you intend to move to a residence that is in the 33rd Senate district by November 7, 2006 -- Election Day? YES_____ NO_____

Home Phone: _________________________

Cell Phone: _________________________

Email: _________________________

Occupation: __________________________

Office Address: ___________________________________________


Office Phone: __________________________

Have you voted in any other party primary in the last 10 years other than the Democratic Primary?

List all organizations other than professional associations to which you have belonged within the last ten years, including civic, charitable, educational, social, political and fraternal organizations. Give the titles and dates of any offices which you have held in such organizations.

List any public office you have held or for which you have been candidate or applicant. Include the date, the position, and whether the position was elective or appointive.

List any political candidates to who’s campaign you played a significant role.

Do you agree to campaign with and for other members of the Democratic ticket?

State any other information which may reflect positively or adversely on you or which you believe should be disclosed in connection with your intent to be nominated for the 33rd Senatorial district.

Please identify the three most pressing issues in the 33rd Senatorial district you think the state should address in the upcoming legislative session.

I do so solemnly swear or affirm that the statements submitted herein are true to the best of my knowledge.





Media Release

The Search for a Senator

Shelby County Democrats call for candidates to fill Dist 33 nomination

On Thursday, the Shelby County Democratic Party called for nominations to replace Kathryn Bowers on the ballot in Tennessee Senate District 33, which covers most of the southern portion of Shelby County. Chairman, Matt Kuhn, announced to the Shelby County Democratic Party Executive Committee that he had called a joint convention for the purpose of selecting a new nominee to the vacated District 33 Tennessee State Senate Democratic nomination.

The Convention will be held at Cummings Street Baptist Church (old location) at 794 East Raines Road in District 33 at 7 pm on September 14th.

“We are calling for candidates that will be highly qualified and embrace the values we all share as Democrats to represent district 33. All interested candidates are encouraged to apply,” stated First Vice-Chair Cherry Davis. Cherry Davis was elected to be the Co-chair of the Convention.

The joint convention met on Thursday to select guidelines and criteria candidates. Davis presented the attached candidate guidelines and criteria that were approved by the 37 membes of the Executive Committee who make up the joint convention. Forms and the guidelines and criteria will also be posted at on September 9th

Anyone wishing to present themselves as a candidate should contact Matt Kuhn or Cherry Davis for the appropriate forms at:

Matt Kuhn, Chairman Cherry Davis, 1st Vice Chair

(901) 289-5846 (901) 488-1315

Interested Candidates must submit a letter of intent, party questionnaire and petition signed by 25 registered voters of district 33 by 5 PM Tuesday, September 12th to Chairman Kuhn or Co-Chairman Davis.



I'll talk about District 33 in a little bit. In the mean time, congrats to the new treasurer, Mal Hooker, and the new assistant treasurer, Margo Holt. I might add that our party now has hotter officers than the other side (heck, it probably did before). So, if you're a swing voter, that's another reason to swing over.


My true identity has been found. I try to be the "nice blogger" to a certain extent and pull my punches more than my comrades do. I'm not a big fan of conflict. The hate email I get amuses me, sometimes. For some reason this week has seen a dispropotionate amount. I won't print the emails, but I will show you a comment that is fairly typical.

Anonymous said...
You hope she ENJOYS prison???? You put stress and health problems in quotes??? Where to begin with you, you little weasel? You are without doubt one of the most sanctimonious and smarmy individuals in this entire state. Still dripping behind the ears - you are not fit to wash Kathryn Bowers' dishes, let alone pass judgment on her, you evil troll. If you are a "Christian," let me happily remain a pagan forever. You turn my stomach, you vile excuse for a human being.

Lovely, huh? That's a pretty nice sample. Let's look at this. First of all, I take no pleasure in Kathyrn or anyone else being indicted. They deserve a fair trial, and if innocent should be cleared. HOWEVER, what should happen in a court of law and what I can think as a person are two completely different things. When an elected official takes bribes then makes themselves out to be victims, as both Bowers and Dixon have done, it PISSES ME THE HELL OFF!!! They betrayed you, me, and every other person out there. Does it make me a bastard to think that? If so, great. I'll gladly wear that label. Where do I get off commenting on these people? That's been a consistent theme of the emails. Well, let's see. I vote. I pay taxes. I think. I'm not a complete moron. Maybe, I am entitled to an opinion in a, what's this form of government called again? I forget sometimes. I respect people like the Cracker who are withholding judgement against an old friend and comrade in politics. What I DO NOT respect is people who think that we must rally around corrupt politicians and tear down those who don't. I'm the bastard? How many bribes have I taken lately? How many times have I dug myself in a hole, blamed others, and then asked everyone to pray and fast for me? I say what I'm saying here openly. If you have something to say to me, have the courage to attach your name to it or say it to my face. You think I'm damaging the party by opposing corruption (Dixon) and incompetence (Roderic Ford)? How has the other approach treated our city? You want the Democratic Party to win, you need to support people who deserve to win. I can't fricking blame people who don't want to vote for us when this is what we present them with.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

District 33 Statements...

I'll report later tonight (or more likely, in the morning) about any developments regarding the District 33 convention. In the mean-time, if anyone who is interested in the seat would like to have a written statement posted on my blog, I'd be happy to do that. I'll avoid any editorial comment on the statements.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

District 33 Convention Called

Party announces Call for Convention to select Nominee for Senate District 33

On Wednesday, Shelby County Democratic Party Chairman, Matt Kuhn, announced to the Shelby County Democratic Party Executive Committee that he was calling a joint convention for the purpose of selecting a new nominee to the vacated District 33 Tennessee State Senate Democratic nomination. The Party received notification from the Coordinator of Elections office on Thursday, Aug 31st that a proper vacancy had occurred and the party may select a new nominee to be placed on the November 7th ballot.

The Convention will be held at Cummings Street Baptist Church (old location) at 794 East Raines Road in District 33 at 7 pm on September 14th.

“The Dist 33 Convention will select the Democratic State Senator nominee that will be placed on the ballot in November and carry on the great Democratic tradition of that district. This is an awesome responsibility entrusted to certain members of the local executive committee, but I feel certain they are up to the challenge and will nominate an outstanding Democrat the whole community will be proud of,” stated Shelby County Democratic Party chair, Matt Kuhn.

Following direction from the State Coordinator of Elections and in concurrence with the Attorney General’s office, the members of the joint convention will include all those Executive Committee members who represent precincts within Senate District 33. Those districts include all Executive Committee members from house districts 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 90, 91, 92 and 95. You may find a roster of these members on our website at

Kuhn has tapped, 1st Vice Chair of the Shelby County Democratic Party, Cherry Davis as Co-Chair of the Convention.

The State Coordinator of Elections, Brook Thompson will address the Shelby County Democratic Party during its next regularly scheduled meeting Thursday, Sept 7th at 7pm at the IBEW Union Hall located at 1870 Madison. The Senate Democratic Leader, Jim Kyle, will also address the Executive Committee as to the duties of a State Senator.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Mayors Herenton and Wharton to Endorse Senator Steve Cohen

Mayors Herenton and Wharton to Endorse Senator Steve Cohen

as the Democratic Nominee for 9th Congressional District

You are cordially invited to attend a press conference with Memphis City Mayor W.W. Herenton and Shelby County Mayor A C Wharton, Jr. and numerous other elected officials, tomorrow, September 6th at 11:00 AM in front of the Federal Building at 167 N. Main to officially endorse the candidacy of Senator Steve Cohen, the Democratic nominee for United States Congress for the 9th district of Tennessee.

Please visit my website for more information on how you can support the campaign.

Thank you for your support.


Bowers To Fight Charges

Surprising many people (or at least me) Bowers has decided not to plead guilty. Judging from the batting average of Tennessee Waltz defendants so far, I hope she enjoys prison. I have to say, I can't muster up any sympathy. Any public official who takes bribes (and these people are on tape!) has betrayed the public trust to an unforgiveable degree. I don't take pleasure at what's happening to them, but they are getting exactly what they deserve. If you don't want to go to jail or to suffer "stress" and "health problems" then maybe you should have thought about that before you did the crime. If we (Democrats) don't stand up against our own who do wrong then how are we any better than Tom Delay and Co.?

Monday, September 04, 2006

For All You Dorks Out There

Who always want the latest polling info (surely I'm not the only one) here's a cool new site. A few months back, taking back the House seemed pie-in-the-sky. Now it looks to be very likely. The Senate will be a steeper hurdle. It takes 5 to tie the Senate and 6 to take it over. 4 races are in great shape. Tester and Brown replacing Burns and Dewine... I get hot just thinking about that. Chafee will go down too. I have mixed feelings about that. I've worked with him some through the Sierra Club and he's a good man. The Republicans took out our Southern Dems, so we have to do the same to the Rockefeller Republicans. It's sad, but this is war. The 5th seat will come from MO. This race is touch and go, but the national wave has a great shot at pushing it over. The sixth seat will come from Ford or Webb. I'm not optimistic about either race, but they're not beyond the realm of possibility. Even if we don't quite make it, though, getting the Senate one or two votes from control and taking over the House lets us shut down their agenda, push foward ours from the House, and gather steam for complete takeover in '08.

Lawd Have Mercy...

Thanks to the Crackerman and the Center For Southern Folklore for a great Memphis Music and Heritage Festival. Blind Mississippi Morris and Elmo and the Shades especially kicked butt. Morris works magic with that harmonica. Damn.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Chicken Costume Time?

Dear Friends,

Please find below an open letter from Bill Morrison inviting Marsha to a debate. Please copy and paste. Add your comments and name to it and send, fax or email it to Marsha Blackburn. We want a debate! Additionally, post it on all the sites and blogs you know and send to your email list and ask them to do the same. Thanks for all you do, Meryl Rice

Marsha contact info:

Marsha Blackburn for Congress
4916 Thoroughbred Lane, Suite 4916
Brentwood, TN 37027
Phone: (615) 376-2324

Fax: (615) 376-2939

Email: marsha@votemarsha. com

Morrison For Tennessee

P.O. Box 281297

Memphis, TN 38168-1297

September 2, 2006

Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn

4916 Thoroughbred Lane, Ste. 4916

Brentwood, TN 37027

Dear Marsha:

Time grows short; we have less than seven weeks before the start of early voting. The voters of the 7th Congressional District deserve to know if they can lend approval to your voting record or elect me. Your constituency wants an honest debate of the issues that matter most to them. This year it really makes no difference whether one is a Republican or a Democrat. It is important that the representative who is elected truly understands the needs of the people of this district and is willing to take a stand based on principle--- not special interest money.

My intent is to accept opportunities for debate anywhere, anytime. Frankly, I will be puzzled if you do not rise to the challenge to defend your record. I look forward to discussing the issues with you in a public forum where the voters may address questions and get real answers. Debates are the best examples of our democracy at work.

I know you will agree with me as to the importance of this election and how we should engage our fellow Tennesseans with a real campaign on the issues. Simply stated, the voters want to know and you have the power to provide them with this opportunity. All we are asking is for you to agree to debate us on the issues.

Ignoring this request for debate, not only from me, but also from your constituents, shows a lack of respect and accountability to the voters of the 7th Congressional District. Elected officials are, after all, public servants and serve at the will of the people.


Bill Morrison

Friday, September 01, 2006

County Commission

I went to the swearing in ceremony for the county commission today (and don’t worry, I slipped back into class with several minutes to spare.) I’m really excited about the new commission, although if you hope for a more or similarly partisan commission, I don’t think you’re going to be getting it. Most of the speeches were well done and heart-felt with me even laughing at the (highly fertile) Republicans’ speeches. Joyce Avery was practically crying during hers which was rather sweet. I apologize, but after listening to Flinn’s speech, I will have to call him grandma from now on (as his grandchildren do.)

Nothing surprising happened; it is a ceremony after all. Harvey’s speech did have its moments though. He used his speech to praise the “county mayor” Herenton and talk about looking forward to working with him. He also talked about the “strong, independent men” on the commission (Because Henri and the other women are so submissive, I guess.) Finally, he closed with asking us to pray that they don’t “flop” and that he hoped we didn’t end up thinking “why did we elect these idiots.”

Don’t mean to be harsh on the guy, I don’t know much about him and hope he does well. Those lines were just too good to pass up though.