Monday, August 07, 2006

Thoughts on Ford's Race

Several of my fellow bloggers have recently decided to lay off of Harold Ford Jr. through the November election. I’ve already done so, but I just thought I’d weigh in on this debate.

I do not agree with Ford on a host of political issues. I also do not think he is the candidate we could have run with the most state-wide appeal. I deeply wished we had been given a real choice in the primary. I voted for John Jay Hooker simply as a protest.

I will, however, be voting for Ford in November. I think he is most likely going to lose, but if he didn’t lose the direction the country is headed would change drastically. He doesn’t screw the base on every issue, but he does on too many for me to not become nauseous. If he won though, we would take back the Senate. If we take back Congress the following issues would be brought up: stem cell research, minimum wage increases, increases in access to healthcare, increases in funding for education, withdrawal from Iraq, investigations into government corruption, and increased access to financial aid.

These are issues that would not be brought up for a vote: a gay marriage amendment, more tax cuts, English as the official language, flag-burning amendments, etc.

If Ford voted against us on EVERY single issue, we’d come out ahead. He won’t, however. I don’t trust the man, but if the Democrats controlled the agenda the debate would be framed totally differently and he’d have a totally different set of bills to vote on.

Ideology is CRUCIALLY important. I’m a Democrat because I care about equal access to the “American Dream.” I care about the issues that will be brought up under Democratic leadership.

Those who complain about Ford (myself included) should put our money where our mouth is if he loses. You don’t like him? Get someone else elected. Did you volunteer for Kurita or give money? If you don’t like her, did you find a candidate you did like and call and write and meet with him to bully them into the race?

Do it next time. Complaining about politics is all well and good. There is plenty to complain about. Actually changing politics requires a lot more. When it comes time to vote in November, practical politics is the only choice I have left. The very next day, it’s back to changing the party though. The two approaches ARE not mutually exclusive.


Anonymous said...

Democrats will never be able to hold Ford accountable if he gets elected. This was his whole line of Ford thinking from the beginning. "You may bitch and complain, but in the end you'll vote for me. You have too. The stakes are too high. Do you want to be the one to let Republicans retain the Senate?"
Republican boogey man tactic worked. Funny thing is, Corker is an improvement on Frist. Ford would have done better against Bryant.

For the long run health of the party. Ford can go just like Lieberman. All the arguments over the past year seem like mental masturbation now don't they.

I forgot to ask. What is Ford's position on the War, the estate tax, immigration, and Bushism today?

David Holt said...

And bitching and complaining without doing anything to get us a better alternative to Ford doesn't do much either.

Anonymous said...

A very wise fellow has said that Junior has a very difficult decision to make. If he supports his brother over the Democratic nominee, then he risks that local Democrats would not support him in an election where an overwhelming majority in Shelby County is critical to any chance he might have. If he supports the Democratic nominee over his brother, then what happens to his relationship with his father?

BraveCordovaDem said...

I would almost predict that HF Jr. will say he loves his brother but will support Cohen out of party unity and then go off and do his campaign thing and let Cohen do his.

To be honest, if I were his campaign manager, I would advise him to do just that.

Anonymous said...

Everyone IS aware, I take it, that there is a Green Party candidate - Chris Lugo - running for the TN Senate position who will in fact be on the ballot? (Check it out at .)

If everyone on the "left" who was dissatisfied with Ford voted for Lugo...and everyone on the "right" not happy with Corker voted for Heyward(
this would be a REAL race...