Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Memo To Tennessee Waltz Defendants

Go to Hell. I have not an ounce of sympathy for them. I am tired of having to defend good Democrats because of the self-serving, cynical assholes that get caught with their hands in the cookie jar. In addition to the ongoing Roscoe Dixon trial, in which he tries to explain away the bribes in part because he didn't get paid much as a state legislator, we also had a former Democratic governor in Alabama who almost won while he was on trial for corruption. That's not even mentioning the bribe-cicles that Jefferson had in his freezer. Margo asked me rhetorically yesterday why Democrats don't mind corruption. That’s a good fricking question. I hold my own party to a higher standard than the other one, and damnit we ain’t reaching it.I had nothing against any of the Tennessee Waltz defendants before hand (well... maybe against John Ford but we won't go there.) I liked Katherine Bowers and helped some on her state senate campaign.

A lot of Democrats get mad and repeat innocent until proven guilty over and over. They also try to make it out that the whole exercise was just a witch-hunt targeting black Democrats.As far as innocent-until-proven guilty, that is true in the courts, but these assholes are on tape taking effing bribes! In the court of public opinion they've been guilty from the start. The fact that not only is Bowers keeping her seat, but to the best of my knowledge has no Democratic opposition is despicable. How hypocritical is it for us to bitch and moan about Delay and Company and then keep silent about the BS here at home? Even ignoring morals, politically what does it help the party when someone is indicted and the party just shrugs and says oh well and lets the Republicans use the issue to kick our asses with?Maybe those lawmakers were targeted unfairly, I'm not a conspiracy theorist but stranger, more sinister things have happened. Does that change a damn thing? Are they still crooks? Yes. Do they need to go to jail? Yes. Do they need to be run out of politics with sticks and stones? Hell yeah!

I’m not doing a damn thing for another Democrat just so a Democrat wins. I’m sick and tired of this, and party loyalty can be damned. I’m not a Democrat to make money for myself or anyone else. I’m not a Democrat to help myself or anyone else gain power. I’m a Democrat because I think we’re all in this together and we are our brother’s keeper. Any politician who is in it for any other reason can kiss my liberal ass.


LeftWingCracker said...


Steve Webster is running for Kathryn's seat (I've lost the damned link) and on his site NEVER mentions her at all.

He has had fundraisers and I've heard is running hard in Senate 33, so she is NOT unopposed.

David Holt said...

Good for him. I stand corrected. Let me have that link or number if you ever run across it.

autoegocrat said...

Bowers may have an opponent, but the spirit of the post rings true.

However, you've got more party loyalty than you give yourself credit for.

joe public said...

Officially, according to the Sec of State site, there are a couple of others besides Webster.

Jennings Bernard and John A. Brown are two more Democrats; Michael Floyd is the lone Republican.

Freedonian said...

Margo asked me rhetorically yesterday why Democrats don't mind corruption.

I don't know that's true. Personally, when I hear about a corrupt Democrat, I'm like yourself--- I want them gone.

I think of this whole thing as political darwinism. As a party, we're getting stronger because our weakest members are being picked off. These, after all, are the people that aren't smart enough to follow the fine Republican example when it comes to make a payoff legal. Had any Waltz defendant asked that five employees at E-Cycle each donate $1000 to his campaign, he would have been in the free and clear--- We call that play "The Dubya". Instead, they got caught stuffing the money into their pockets.

When it's Tom DeLay asking for a $200,000 golfing vacation at the expense of child slavers in the Marianas Islands, then coming home to spike Ed Murkowski's bill to extend US labor law into the Marianas since it's our territory, the only thing making it illegal is that the tab was actually picked up by the child slavers' lobbyist, Jack Abramoff.

Had he been dumb enough to take money and stuff it in his pocket, he would have been gone so long that he would have had time to rehab his image and get back on Russert's Republican Roundtable by now. Instead, we're just now getting rid of him--- Tomorrow's the big day.

Our Waltz defendants are more like Duke Cunningham. You look at them and ask yourself "How long did they expect to keep this up?"

jody said...

I'm not a blogger but I read WTL and LeftWingCracker faithfully. I agree with your post. Last election I worked in voter reg, phone bank, etc, but not this election. I'm not cynical enough for politics. The "fast and pray" stuff was the last straw. He doesn't even realize what he did wrong!

dwayneearl said...

AMEN!!! David, you are indeed a bright and shining light for the Democratic Party. If we keep accepting this crap -politics as usual - we will get what we deserve, politics as usual!
Combining politics, morality and integrity isn't really that difficult- we simply must elect people who FIRST won't embarrass us!