Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A New Endorsement!!!

Darrick Harris shined at the County Commission forum last night. He was funny, passionate, strong, and right. And for that he earns my endorsement for county commission District 2 Position 1 over former Republican J.W. Gibson and term-limited Walter Bailey. He's a good guy and a real Democrat who deserves your support (in my most humble opinion.) He's going to be outspent and outgunned, but I wouldn't count him out.


Evil said...

We need all Democrats to get behind Darrick. No more of this vote for Walter Bailey stuff. Everyone just get behind Darrick and we'll beat back the Republican.

(Full disclosure: Darrick supported Gen. Clark, and anyone who supported Gen. Clark gets my vote.)

autoegocrat said...

I just asked Cracker, but maybe you can tell me. Did Derrick Harris go to Central High School?

Anonymous said...

Cooley High class of 76