Thursday, April 27, 2006

Going Negative...

First off: This is me ranting, and NOT from the Mulroy campaign in any way.

If Joe Cooper wants to go negative and try to paint Steve Mulroy as unethical, maybe turnabout is fair play. Instead of trying to run a positive, issue-based campaign, maybe Steve should have been out there saying:

Joe Cooper served a term in prison for crimes committed when he served on the County Court (what the county commission was called back then) as a Republican.

In the 1970's Joe ran as the Conservative Republican alternative to a Republican Conservative Congressman.

He has repeatedly advocated selling off Shelby Farms, one of the treasures of our county.

I've heard from several sources about having signs put in their yard by the Cooper campaign without permission, stealing of Mulroy signs, surveys that are erroneously attributed to the Mulroy campaign, etc.

And the list of treasures could go on.

Of course Steve didn't do that. He talked about being a community activist, ensuring the integrity of our voting system, fighting the debt, creating jobs, protecting parks, etc. How dare he? The unethical bastard! (Oh and didn't Cooper say in the CA that he would move into a different city council seat to run for that seat? Can we spell hypocrite? Apparently the pro-Cooper person who has commented on my blog can't.)


Polar Donkey said...

I don't mean to be nitpicking, but everyone knows Cooper is a snake yet people complain that he is spewing evil venom? He gave a little taste that he would go negative when Mulroy filed a couple months ago and had media connections that would carry his campaign's water. Why didn't you fire back with all of this then? Knock him out early by painting him as the bum you think he is. By not hitting him with a shovel early, it allowed Cooper to slither under his rock and then come back dropping these bombs on the Mulroy campaign right before the election. It's just about too late for Mulroy to respond.

The survey robo call is crossing the line, but the attacks on residency were completely expected. I live in district 5 and voted today for Mulroy. I hope Mulroy wins, but don't let Cooper get under your skin. It's hard to generate sympathy when complaining about a snake that the Mulroy campaign knew was in the grass.

Remember this is just round one against the JV squad. The republicans are up next and it's for all the marbles. They are going to paint Mulroy with this residency/Ophelia issue and turn him into a human pinjata.

Polar Donkey said...

Don't take my tone as being harsh. I just want Mulroy's campaign to strike hard and fast when opprotunities arise and not to assume voters knew Cooper's background. Mulroy and his campaign are doing well with canvassing and lots of hard work.

David Holt said...

I teach teenagers, man. Nothing strikes me as harsh or offends me. I agree with you though.

Freedonian said...

Can we spell hypocrite? Apparently the pro-Cooper person who has commented on my blog can't

There's a pro-Cooper person out there?

Hell, my boss grew up with Cooper. Known him since they were kids. He seemed pretty disgusted at the idea of having Cooper holding any kind of elected position.

With the way he's campaigning, maybe it's time that he goes back to the GOP. He'll fit in.

Anonymous said...

Joe Cooper, the consultant [bah, just a temporary used car salesman] was closely associated with William Tanner for years and lived in one of Tanner's houses and said of a bomb threat to Tanner, "Probably by someone whose deal with Tanner went bad". Tanner was the person most people hated to do business with it . . . .and for sure regretted doing so, after the fact.

Tanner, bless his soul, was one of the biggest white collar crooks in town. Every business he successful sold was followed by lawsuits against him. In the end he was accused of bribing a judge. Tanner always went to court like a tiger . . . . wonder how many times he previously bribed a judge while he was financing the ex con, Cooper?

My point, you are known by the associates you keep . . . .especially in whose bed you slept . . . .was the home Tanner furnished Cooper a furnished home where Cooper did sleep in a bed owned by Tanner?

Anonymous said...

People like Joe Cooper and William B. Tanner represent the lowest form of humanity. I was once invited to have a social dinner with William B. Tanner and a name sixty percent of the people in the United States would quickly recognize. I told the third party that there was no way I would sit at the same table with William B. Tanner. The other party referred to above turned the invitation down after I did.

The above is how I feel about Tanner. I heard he walked into a prestigious club in Memphis and asked for an application to join.
He wasn't even handed the application.

Tanner and his associates were, those still living or not in jail or under indictment are liars and scum.
I'm only sorry Tanner died before he could be jailed for bribing a judge.
Look at the life Tanner gave his sons. Any Ford is a saint compared to Tanner, may his soul burn in hell.

soul said...

may he burn in hell for what he did to his children especially Billy Boy, the greatest heart I have ever known, may he rest in peace

soul said...

May he burn in hell for what he did to his children...especially his dear son Billy Boy...the greatest heart I have ever known...may he rest in peace.