Thursday, April 20, 2006

Get on the phones!

And let the County Commission know that you won't stand for them to steal the election for Roland. Let them know that you want someone independent and unaffiliated with this race to fill in District 29 until the next election. Let them know that the person who fills the seat should be the type of person voters would choose to represent the district. The phone number is 545-4301. The districts and their represntatives are here:

District 1
Marilyn Loeffel
George S. Flinn, Jr.
John Willingham
District 2
Walter Bailey, Jr.
Julian Bolton
Deidre Malone
District 3
Joe Ford
Michael Hooks
Cleo Kirk
District 4
Joyce Avery
David Lillard
Tom Moss
District 5
Bruce Thompson

If you don't know your district then look here.

I'm just running off at the mouth, but I suspect the best chance we have to sway a Republican may well be Bruce Thompson. He tends to be somewhat moderate, isn't close to the party leadership, and isn't running for election. If you live in District 5, make sure you call. John Willingham also tends to be a bit of a maverick, although his running for the mayor's seat may make it less likely he would buck party pressure.

Shelby County Board of Commissioners Office 160 N. Main Street, Suite 450Memphis, TN 38103Phone - (901) 545-4301FAX - (901) 545-4283

Also, the Commission's regular meeting will be April 24th at 1:30 PM. Let's get as many people there as possible.


autoegocrat said...

Okay, I called and spoke with Tonya. She was charming and professional, and she assured me that she would pass the message along.

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