Wednesday, March 15, 2006

And now for the most coveted award in Shelby County Democratic Politics:

The Endorsement of the West Tennessee Liberal... (Drum roll ensues)

So I've been planning on doing this for over week and never got to it. Cracker just scooped me, so I decided to get off my lazy bum before peskyfly or polardonkey do as well. More might get added to this list later, but I am only going to talk about people who I care enough about to give money to AND work for in the weeks leading up to the May primary.

County Commission District 5: Steve Mulroy. Huge shocker here. Check out my links. Steve has been a leader in the successful fight to get a paper audit trail for Shelby County. He has fought for many grassroots issues . The most recent of which was covered by the Flyer Check out his webpage and a short list of his many supporters here: Now there is a shocker, Democrats from all wings of the party uniting behind one candidate. The reason is that this is THE race in May. There are 6 Democratic seats on the Commission no matter what. There are 6 Republican seats no matter what. Then there is this seat. The Republican incumbent is not running for reelection, and the district is trending Democratic. Kerry got in excess of 60% here. This is our seat to lose. It's possible to lose though. How? We can run the same perennial candidate who lost this race before, who has baggage to spare, and whose major issue is always selling Shelby Farms to developers. Imagine a County Commission that didn't kowtow to developers at every opportunity. Now imagine a County Commission that gave A.C. Wharton a majority with the likes of Deidre Malone, Reginald Fentress, and Steve Mulroy. Now there is a group of elected officials that would make one proud to be a Democrat.

County Commission District 2, Position 2: Reginald Fentress
Let's look at his campaign issues for a moment: Educational funding, workforce development, crime prevention, neighborhood revitalization, tax reform, PILOT reform, and the living wage. Add to that, a Democrat who already has a resolution in hand to oppose the Patriot Act. Reginald is an activist who has been involved with numerous groups, including Democracy For Memphis. He is also a lifelong educator. Any man who can dedicate a career to educating 3rd graders should have no problem whatsoever keeping other local politicians in line.

County Clerk: Joe Young
The downballot seats such as this are where we tend to get our Democratic butts handed to us. People don't vote for them as often, and activists are often not as fired up to help on these campaigns. We have a lot of great candidates for these races (Such as Joe Young, Kevin Gallagher, etc.) but at the moment I am limiting endorsements to races I am investing myself in. Joe is a great guy. He is serious, dedicated, and responsible. He would have made a great chair had he won that race, and he will make a great clerk when he wins that race. He has my full support.


Brad Watkins said...

....Great minds think alike.

polar donkey said...

I like Mulroy, but I'm not a big fan of the Libertyland stuff. I fear for an increase in supervillian crime. As many of us in the progressive community have discussed, keeping a delapitated amusement park in the city attracts crazied maniacs.

Remember, when the nut sabotaged the rollercoaster and Kiss had to save the people and still perform their show. I think Gene Simmons and Kiss are pretty busy in Detroit with crime and couldn't be brought in here in case of a supervillian emergency.

Plus, everyone knows that half of Batman's villians set up shop in old amusement parks. Memphis is barely surviving with its homegrown supervillian, Mayor Herenton. What are our chances if the Joker comes to town.

Please reconsider Mr. Mulroy your support of Libertyland. Do you really want to be remember as the guy who set in motion the horrible events of New Year's 2008, when giant clown ballons floated across the city spreading toxic laughing gas killing scores of people. Isn't Memphis traumatized enough?

LeftWingCracker said...

Great, I just spit Diet Dr. Pepper all over my monitor, Frank.

"And I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for those pesky kids!"

Brad Watkins said...

LMAO!.....I just pictured Herenton in the old purple and green Lex Luthor outfit from the old cartoon........hmmm...perhaps it is time for another photoshop contest.

Larry said...

What about COUNTY COMMISSION DISTRICT 2, POSITION 1? I know I'm not voting for Walter "No Term Limits" Bailey. But who are the other two?

Walter L. Bailey Democratic Nominee

J. W. Gibson, II Democratic Nominee

D. Harris Democratic Nominee

David Holt said...

I don't know anything about Gibson. I serve on the executive committee with Harris and have nothing bad to say about him at all. I haven't talked to him about any of the issues in this race though, so I'm not endorsing anyone in this race. I'll talk to him at the next meeting and let you know what he says about his campaign.