Friday, February 24, 2006

You know, I was thinking we could really use another Ford in Congress

I've recieved this press release in an email. Flame away.

Memphis, TN February 24, 2006 Joseph S. Ford Jr. will file hiscandidacy for the 9th Congressional District on Friday, February 24,2006 at 12:00pm. Joseph, a prominent lawyer in the state ofCalifornia believes that he can revive constituents directparticipation in government which seems to be lacking today in Memphisand the 9th District. He will promote a new direction for the 9thDistrict that strives to bring humanity and realism back into thecommunity.Joseph S. Ford Jr., son of Shelby County Commissioner Joseph S. FordSr., was born in Memphis, Tennessee. He graduated Kirby High Schoolin 1991. After graduation Joseph attended the University of Miami inCoral Gables, Florida on a full-tuition academic scholarship inElectrical Engineering from 1991-93. Following a transfer toUniversity of California at Santa Barbara, Joseph graduated with aBachelor of Science in Computer Science in 1996. In 1998, Josephreceived a Master of Science degree from Georgia State University inSports Administration with a concentration in Professional SportsManagement. Joseph received his Juris Doctor cum laude fromPepperdine University School of Law in May, 2002.Following graduation, Joseph co-produced and served as productioncounsel on Soul Decisions, a trilogy of short films for ShowtimeNetworks. In April, 2003, Joseph joined the law firm of Ivie, McNeill& Wyatt the largest African-American managed law firm in the state ofCalifornia. During his tenure with IM&W, Joseph handled civillitigation and entertainment matters for IM&W clients such asBlackground Records, Gas Productions, County of Los Angeles, LosAngeles County Sheriffs Department, South Coast Air Quality ManagementDistrict and Blockbuster Videos. Joseph resigned from IM&W in 2004 tostart Ford & Associates, a full-service transactional and litigationlaw firm.Joseph S. Ford, Jr. plans to be a servant to the people of the 9thDistrict and to utilize his knowledge and experiences to be the bestpossible representative. He believes that many of the Districts andcitys issues have been ignored or minimized because of personal andpolitical agendas unrelated to the representation of the people. Ifyou have any further questions or concerns about Josephs 9thCongressional District campaign, please contact Justin J. Ford Sr. at(901) 355-5891.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

District 5 Update

Apparently, there was a law passed a few years ago that reopens the filing deadline for a week in cases like this. Kind of stupid, but I didn't do it. David Cocke, claims that the extra filing deadline would render Cooper's lawsuit void because it would be hard to argue that Mulroy wasn't a resident by the new deadline. In the meantime, John Ryder or some other bigtime Republican will probably jump into the race. By the way, does anyone know who Sherman Perkins Kilamanjaro is?

As District 5 Turns...

The District 5 race just got more interesting as incumbent Bruce Thompson withdrew at the deadline. With no other Republican in the race, barring something else weird (a distict possibility) the race will likely turn on whether or not Cooper gets Mulroy knocked out of the race.

Thompson is unavailable for comment at the moment, so who knows what the heck happened. If you find out or have a crazy theory bring it on.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Come on Joe!?!,2845,MCA_25340_4483186,00.html

Sorry for not posting for a while, but wrestling season is over so I will have an occasional free hour now. Apparently, Joe Cooper has filed a lawsuit to get Steve Mulroy off the ballot for County Commission District 5. This is really the only commission race that can switch parties. Cooper is suing because he claims that Mulroy doesn't live in the district. That was true, but, before he filed, Mulroy rented a house in the district. Before anyone jumps on the "carpetbagger" attack line, he only moved a few blocks. Whether someone understands a district's needs isn't based on whether or not you live on the right side of the road. Cooper needs to concentrate on building a base (to prove he can move beyond his perennial losing efforts) and find an issue besides just cutting up Shelby Farms and selling it to developers rather than trying to cut off a good Democrat at the knees. If he's afraid of this race, how does he expect to defeat Bruce Thompson and all the money the incumbent will bring to that race.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Clarification about Ford/Obama Event

Sorry about the confusion. Apparently, this is a Ford campaign event. Take that as you will.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Obama Coming to Memphis

Barack Obama will be in Memphis on Fed. 20th. Check out the link for more info.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Living Wage

Dear Living Wage Supporter,

A lot is happening in the Living Wage Campaign right now. We are gettingready for 2 town hall meetings that we're urging Council members to attend,and the Council will vote on a resolution at their next meeting that couldbring a living wage to full-time City workers. We need your help to makethese events successful - our need for volunteers and activism is greaterthan it ever has been in the campaign! Below are 5 actions you can take to help us win a living wage. A detailedexplanation follows after the list. Please consider doing one, two, three,or all of the following: 1. Call your Council members and urge them to attend the town hall meetings. 2. Attend a town hall meeting on February 9th or February 28th. 3. Volunteer your time to help us prepare for the town hall meetings (Weespecially need help next week!) 4. Attend the February 7th City Council meeting. 5. Support the campaign financially by becoming a Mid-South InterfaithNetwork member. 1. Call your City Council members today and urge them to come to the livingwage town hall meetings. Be sure to give your name and share that you livein the Council member's district. State how important it is for Councilmembers to be at the town hall meeting to hear from their constituentsabout why a strong, comprehensive living wage ordinance is needed. If you plan to attend the town hall, tell your Council member. Phone numbers foreach Council member are listed below. Don't know who your Council membersare? Send an e-mail to<> withyour full address and we'll tell you. Council members invited to the February 9th town hall: Chairman TaJuan Stout Mitchell. Daytime: 576-6798. Evening: 398-7408. Councilman Dedrick Brittenum. Daytime: 576-6782. Evening: 725-9663. Councilman Edmund Ford: Daytime: 396-1555. Councilman Joe Brown. Daytime: 274-4724. Coucilman Rickey Peete. Daytime: 529-0999. Evening: 278-7464. Cuoncilman Myron Lowery. Daytime: 576-6799. Evening: 521-4300. Council members invited to the February 28th town hall: Councilman E.C. Jones (He has stated he will attend. Call and thank him!)Daytime: 576-6782. Evening: 358-2918. Councilman Brent Taylor. Daytime: 385-7611. Evening: 624-9892. Councilwoman Carol Chumney: Daytime: 844-7141. Evening: 327-8528. Councilwoman Barbara Swearegen Holt. Daytime: 576-6787. Evening: 458-9406. Councilman Scott McCormick: Daytime: 728-5630 x22. Evening: 753-6014. Councilman Tom Marshall: Day Time: 791-0115 Councilman Jack Sammons. Day time: 525-2000. Evening: 685-2002. 2. Attend a town hall meeting on February 9th or February 28th. We need astrong attendance at both of these meetings to tell Council members face toface that Memphians want a comprehensive living wage ordinance. Inviteothers from your congregation, union, community group, or neighborhood toattend with you. If you don't drive at night or do not have transportation,email<> orcall 332-3570 to join a car pool. February 9th Town Hall 7 p.m. at Emmanuel Episcopal Church 4150 Boeingshire (at the corner of Raines Rd.) February 28th Town Hall 7 p.m. at Gifts of Life Ministries 1542 Jackson Ave. (near Willett, inside Peace Lutheran Church) 3. Volunteer your time to help us prepare for the town hall meetings. We arehaving phone banks next week, and especially need help on Tuesday, January31st from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. We are also having phone banks on Wednesday,February 1st and Wednesday, February 8th (both nights 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Allphone banks will be at the Mid-South Interfaith Network office. We also need carpool drivers and sign-in volunteers for the night of eachtown hall meeting. If you can volunteer, please<> orcall 332-3570. 4. Attend the February 7th City Council meeting. The Council is scheduled tovote that day at their 3:30 p.m. meeting on a resolution to direct theadministration to pay full-time City workers a living wage by July 1st.While this is not the same as a comprehensive living wage ordinance, it is afirst step. Council meetings are held on the first floor of City Hall, 125N. Main St. Council schedules change often, so if you plan to come, call332-3570 or email<> to letus know so that we can notify you if we find out the schedule has changed. 5. Become a member of the Mid-South Interfaith Netwok to support the livingwage campaign financially. Or, if you are already a member, make a specialgift today to support the living wage. The suggested membership donation is$25 per year, or $15 if you are a student, senior, or on a low-income. Tobecome a member or make a gift, go to<> or mail your checkmade payable to "Mid-South Interfaith Network" to 3035 Directors Row, B -1207, Memphis, TN 38131.

Bolton is in the race

Julian Bolton is in the race for Ford's seat. It will be interesting to see how this affects the dynamics of the race, although I think most of the declared candidates are serious enough to stay in it for the long haul or at least a while.

Loss of the State Senate

Okay so I'm a bit behind on posting about this; life's been crazy. State Senator Don McLeary has switched to the Republican party. This combined with the retirement of Curtis Person almost 100% assures that Wilder's time as a Speaker is through. Republicans now control the legislature 18-15 even assuming we keep District 29. That's the most seats they have had since Reconstruction. I agree with Leftwingcracker that when he is voted out by the new Republican majority he will resign. I'm from his old district, the chances of electing a Democrat there next time are slim to none. McLeary got his seat in a special election with the money and support of the state (and I would assume local) Democratic Party. So the guy uses the Democratic Party to get himself elected, then when Republicans take control he switches allegiances. Now that's principle. The party needs to send him a bill for whatever help we gave him. It's one thing if the party has drifted away from you over time. That's not the case here. This is a seat we can win back. I don't usually give money outside of my own districts, but I will make an exception here. A good Humbolt Democrat needs to step up. And this time it needs to be a real one.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Stanton Close to Tinker on Money

As expected, Nikki Tinker has raised the most money so far at $109,731. Ed Stanton, however, is close behind at $94,175. Admittedly, $22, 500 of that came from a loan to himself. Still, he looks to be force to be reckoned with in this race. It will be interesting to see how the various candidates do with money when other expected candidates file (pick your name of choice from the all the rumors out there.) Will the money dry up, or will the new faces give the recognized names a run for their money?,1426,MCA_437_4434434,00.html

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Bush's Big State of the Union Announcement

Bush made a huge announcement at his State of the Union address: he is content to be a lame duck. The speech discussed the need to extend the tax cuts, stay the course in Iraq, and defend the world from the dangers of human-animal-mutant-clones. Nothing new and ground-breaking. In other words, nothing to galvanize the public for the next year. (Unless protecting the public from wolf-boy polls well) He seems to realize that he doesn't have any vaunted political capital to waste. Now he's just going to tread water until the'08 race begins. Let's turn our attention away from Mr. 39% and focus on taking back Congress in '06 instead.

Ruling on Ophelia Ford Race

The court just ruled that the senate can oust Ophelia, but only if they come up with uniform standards for determing whether a vote is appropriate. More soon.

You can read the ruling here: